Bubble Buster Kazoo Game Review and Competition

am coping with the summer holidays, we are two weeks in and everyone is having
fun (aside from a few tantrums and that’s just me!). I think part of the survival strategy is having fabulous items to
review to occupy and entertain my two. 
The latest offering was thanks to the lovely people at Drumond Park. My two enjoy blowing bubbles so
having that interest incorporated into a game was even better!

was something they could play happily together with minimum fuss, ideally
outside mind, as they are a little clumsy when it comes to pouring out bubble
mixture, over zealous might be the word. 
For £9.99 it’s a complete bargain, it comes with the bubble mixture too. It is a simple game to play, easy enough to
explain to little ones but still very engaging and quite active with all the
prancing around chasing bubbles. You also need a fair amount of puff to blow out the bubbles, my two really had to give it a good attempt to get it to work! But anything that helps wear them out is all good in my eyes…

was tricky getting a decent action shot of my two boys; you cannot really pose (complete with bubbles) when it comes to blowing on a kazoo or frantically trying to pop bubbles to get
a decent score, but suffice to say they really enjoyed the game. They played until the bubble mixture ran
out. Thankfully once it runs out any
bubble mixture will do the job, so its good you do not need to order a specific
type or anything. So our bubble buster
game playing days will be back on in earnest as soon as mummy tops up on bubble
mix supplies!

For stockists visit www.drumondpark.com or call 01506 855577. But if
you would like to join the fun and win your own Bubble Buster Kazoo Game please
complete the rafflecopter below by the 18th of August.

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208 thoughts on “Bubble Buster Kazoo Game Review and Competition

  1. when l introduced my grandson to the joys of bubbles, l didn't know how fascinated he was going to be with them

  2. Like the idea of the game. As my little nephew would love it. It would keep him active, allow him to be interactive. He is an only child, but loves to play and interact with others. He could play this game with his cousin who is also an only child.

  3. Always wary of these novelty gimmick like games as a lot just turn out to be overpriced waste of money so it's nice to see a good encouraging review about this bubble buster. Hope to be lucky and win a copy.

  4. have tried but i cant get on your fabk page, but the comp is coolio, you would have loads of fun with kids and the adults.

  5. your kids look like a bundle of fun!! having 3 of my own i know they can be a lot of fun, as well as a handful! lol

  6. All 3 of my girls adore bubbles. This might keep them occupied long enough that I can watch the rugby on a sat afternoon

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