Choosing Shoes for School

Getting your children into smart school uniform can be difficult. When they’re very young and first starting school they’re used to being able to wear whatever they please (pirate outfit over your pyjamas for playgroup anyone or full on army outfit?)

Then as they get older they become image conscious and are easily influenced by their peers.

School shoes can be a particular sticking point – with style often being favoured over practicality. Gone are the days of everyone in the school having identical shoes on their feet –youngsters nowadays are more individual, confident and fashion forward than ever! You might have to compromise slightly to get your child some shoes that both they, and you, are happy with, but it can be done!

Younger Girls

Younger girls are likely to be into all things pretty – while you just want them to wear shoes that are going to be pretty tough to stand up to playground games! Take a look at George’s range of school shoes to find the perfect solution. You’ll find a selection of sturdy, smart and comfortable school shoes, with an ankle cross strap for extra security, in different ‘girly’ designs. Let your little princess choose from appliqué flowers, patent stars, heart details or bow trims and they’ll be skipping off happily to school on the first day of term.

Older Girls

When it comes to older girls you’re likely to find yourself having the ‘heels’ argument. Most schools don’t allow students to wear heels as part of school uniform, so that makes your job easier. To placate your fashion-forward daughter why not suggest some equally feminine, but also practical, ballet flats?

Younger Boys

Some high street shoe shops have gimmicks in their shoes, such as toys cars or flashing lights, that kids are likely to love but that you will have to pay over the odds for. Trainer style school shoes will tick boxes for parents and kids, as they look cool, but will also be comfy and practical for running around in.

Older Boys

Older boys are often keen to look smart and ‘grown up’ which is half the battle won for you! Play on this by letting them choose a loafer or lace up style that will look super smart. Slip on styles are especially practical for those who like to do a lot of sport and will be in and out of their trainers.

If your boy is much happier in trainers full stop, ask the school if trainer style shoes are acceptable. You can pick up black pairs at George at ASDA that won’t break the bank at just £8, and you’d have to look hard to realise that they weren’t a traditional school shoe at first glance. If the answer is no then you might have to resort to a little bit of failsafe bribery – if they wear the smart shoes without moaning for school then you’ll treat them to some cool new trainers for PE and games!

As the saying goes ‘If the shoe fits, wear it!’ and there’s a pair of parent-pleasing school shoes out there for every child. Let your little scholar try on a few different pairs and, with a little compromise, they’ll be ready to put their best foot forward this term!

One thought on “Choosing Shoes for School

  1. We use the George school shoes….
    I did used to buy Clarks but was buying a couple of pairs a year due to foot growth which was about £20 a pair so ended up spending at least £80 a year for both my girls….
    I have found Asda's to be just as good at half the price….

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