Family Sunshine

are craving the sun, when it was here it was too hot and we took it for granted
and grumbled! Now it’s too wet,
overcast or windy so I think I should have made more of the good weather when
we had it and not complained! I think
the only way to guarantee better weather now is to head to warmer climes, but
then its making the hard decision where best to take the boys and justifying
the spend for a holiday abroad.

when there is work to be done in the house, Christmas to start budgeting for
and we are still feeling the pinch with all the cost of extra entertainment
over the school summer holidays! 
Affordable holidays do seem possible with Jet2holidays, which is a
relief, because the thought of cocktails on the beach is getting increasingly tempting. My reward for surviving the school holidays
and the chaos of craft sessions with glue, coloured sand and sequins everywhere…

know we would never get away with idly sitting on a towel sunbathing
unfortunately, the boys would need lots to keep them occupied. I think we can only look at hotels with
plenty of children’s entertainment. The
hotel Iberostar Papagayo looks ideal for families and located on Lanzarote so just the thing for us. We want to see some more sunshine before the next winter sets in! We do try our best to make the most of cold weather, but it’s not the same as catching the rays! Plus you have to remember all those layers, scarfs, gloves and hats all the time.

I would relish the all-inclusive
dining as I am a hopeless cook and having a choice at the buffet would
hopefully mean the boys find something they like to eat and do not take quite
so long to get through their meal. 
Sometimes its painful to think how much of my life I spend at the
dinner table coaxing them to eat each mouthful, surely there are more fun
things to be doing with that time, like swimming in the pool, enjoying the music
and live shows and maybe some “me time” in the mini spa! Lanzarote here I come.

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