Finding some ‘you’ time

As a busy working mum, family life and the day job can easily take up pretty much every waking hour. If you’re not busy at work, you’re busy changing nappies, reading stories, doing the housework or wiping tears away. Sometimes all that juggling of dummies and deadlines, mothering and meetings, can leave little time at all for a social life or any ‘you’ time. As angelic as they look here, they have their moments!!!

But it’s important that we all try to make a little bit of time for pampering, socialising and doing sometime just for ourselves at least once a week. As difficult as it might seem to fit it all in, without making time for ourselves we’d go completely mad!

One of the best ways to enjoy some total ‘you’ time is to find a quiet hour when the kids are in bed or being looked after and pamper yourself. Put some music on and soak in a bubble bath with some music and a glass of wine if it takes your fancy. Exfoliate, paint your nails and do all the little pampering things you usually don’t find the time to do.

Making time to get to know yourself on a more spiritual level can be very rewarding too. Whether it’s meditation, yoga or clairvoyant readings, becoming a more spiritually rounded person will do wonders for your mental wellbeing.

Taking up a hobby that’s nothing to do with your job, partner or kids is important too. Although it might seem impossible to spare the time, even if it’s just ten minutes a day, make the time to sew, learn a new language, or anything else you’d like to get better at (maybe try your hand at blogging like me!). An evening class once a week is also a fantastic idea if you can leave the kids with their dad or your parents and get away to do something that’s just for you.

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