Hooked on the ScS ads

Howarth being a fan of the ScS sofa ads wrote to their head office and let them
know how much she liked them and was particularly keen on re-enacting the
scenes depicted in them at home! Bless
her; at 10 years old she is more sensible than my two lads! They would only recreate scenes if they
involved using our sofa as a trampoline or a wrestling ring! Actually they are also quite partial to
taking off all the back cushions and making a den… none of which as far as I
recall feature on an ScS ad.

wonder if they would be willing to call in my boys like they kindly did for
Amelia. They could film the scene 10
things not to do with a sofa… including spilling full tubs of yoghurts ALL over
them. The sofa pattern is more mucky
fingerprints (if you look closely!) than anything designer now. I am always rubbing it frantically with baby wipes trying to restore it to its former glory!

was understandably thrilled to be invited for a tour of the set and an opportunity to
meet all of the ScS team and the film crew, learning all about the advertising
campaigns they run. Amelia had the time
of her life, I am a little envious I would have loved a chance just to sit in
all the comfy sofa’s and relax with people who know how a sofa deserves to be

Hopefully at 10 my two will put their sofa
jumping days behind them and start writing to companies themselves. I think its kind of ScS to take the time to
reply and enrich Amelia’s life in this way. 
It is a sign that ScS really value their customers and their
feedback. I wonder if I can draft a
letter to Cadburys and get the boys to sign off on it, a tour of chocolate
heaven please, anyone?

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