Jungle Dogs Revisited

we left the fabulous Jungle Dogs event in Knowsley Safari Park we were laden
down with plenty to take away with us! 
They were so delicious it was all we could do to bring them back home;
we were tempted to just eat them straight from the packet as we walked around
the attraction. Having said that I
think the wild animals might have started keeping an eye on us to get their
paws on our samples, I am sure the lions kept a closer look at our car as we
drove round!

Since we arrived home we were so glad of having a generous
stash of chilled hot dogs in supply. We
had a houseful and we needed something quick and filling for the hungry
children and adults, eldest having enjoyed the event but grumbled about not
having had an actual hot dog, was glad we decided to make hotdogs for

All eight guests complimented
the hot dogs saying how tasty they were. 
With onions and plenty of ketchup, they are rather fabulous. A couple of the children wanted seconds,
which shows just how appetizing they are.

a separate occasion hubbie made a little outback sausage hotpot, complete with beans,
Jungle Dogs, onions, bacon and some bread, making a paw print shape to impress
the boys as it was in keeping of the Jungle theme. 
Again this was wolfed down even though eldest has gone off Baked Beans
lately. I was pleased to see him eating
them again.

are heaps more things you can try with Jungle Dogs and I have a feeling we will
keep experimenting, enjoying old favourites and making new family ones. The Bush Tucker Kebabs look like another recipe we should try soon.

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