Keeping up appearances

you’re a tired frazzled mummy you need to make the best of things, I have
little time to make myself look nice, just having calm for a quick shower is
usually a miracle! I have to keep
shouting down stop fighting I will be there in a second or run down in my towel
and ask/beg them to behave, my hair full of suds! Is it too much to ask just to get clean in relative tranquillity?

Luckily I had my eyes lasered prior to having children so
that’s one less maintenance problem! I
have no glasses to hunt out around the house (I have enough time finding my
hair brush every morning), no contact lenses solution to stop the boys making
into “magical potions”, any liquids they find they think is fair game to put
into some mixture they create. I need
as much as possible to make my morning routine simpler and quicker helping keep
me sane!

to me in the shower I do find it hard being in there long enough to shave my
legs, like I said just a quick wash and go is chancing it! The boys do not give me a moment’s peace, if
mummy leaves the room it’s a sign that wrestle mania can start (them being the
wrestlers and my precious furniture being the ring for the fights!!!). So I have been debating investigating some safe laser hair removal so I can speed up my time out of the room, no more covering myself
in shaving foam and praying I have long enough for a quick shave before being
summoned with another “MUMMY HE DID…” blah blah again… yet another injustice,
like he took my soft toy, he shouted too loud, he pushed me… the list goes on
and on!

So as you can imagine shaving is not
high up my priorities, I think hubbie had not counted on marrying a yeti but
since having children that’s what the poor love has got… Maybe its time to make more of an
effort! Admittedly the boys are both at
full time school in September so possibly I will find time to take care of my
appearance, showering at leisure will seem such an indulgent treat! But I am sorely tempted to laser off all
that hair for the convenience that and I tried waxing once… NEVER AGAIN!

I do not want to be as hairy as Alex the Lion…

So if you see me
walking around like a naked mole rat, you know I have been lasered! It worked for my eyes; surely I can be brave
enough to face the bikini area.

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