Meet Marcel

were sent a little Moshi surprise pack in the post, I was a little worried
seeing only one packet, but fortunately hidden inside were two teeny
characters, so the boys were instantly placated about that!

think they make sweet stocking fillers, as Moshi Monsters are popular with this
age group (my pair are 4 and 6, but I know older children with extensive
collections of them, so lasting appeal!). 

Eldest was so enthusiastic on the arrival of Marcel, he
wanted to tuck him in bed with him! He
let the cloud looking one join him for the picture but them turfed him
out! But I think Marcel is quite
charming, with his wide crocodile smile and his smart clothes so I can see the
appeal myself!!!

the size, the detail of the characters is very good. In each packet you also get a collectors card, this mentioned a
secret code on one side! So all very
thrilling and exciting, I wonder what adventures Marcel and little cloud will
have (I really should learn his/her name and stop letting Marcel steal the

part of an extensive collection of Moshi items over at Vivid Imaginations website, so
feast your eyes over them ready for Christmas shopping lists.

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