Moshi Monsters Series 7 Blind Bag Competition

We went on a trip to the cinema and McDonald’s with the
boys boxing group today! They were
excited as they managed to watch Planes. 
I had a few giggles watching it myself. 
After all the excitement (and a little too much sweetie sugar!) we headed
to The Entertainer and I treated the boys to some more Moshi Monsters as the
one pack they were sent to review has sparked their interest and their
collecting instincts!

bought a couple more from Series 7 and a few from Series 4, I was proper impressed
with The Entertainer, if you have any characters already they will let you swap
instore, as lots of other children obviously have duplicate Moshi
Monsters. Believe it or not we got
Nimbus (yes I finally learnt the clouds name!) again so he was promptly swapped
it for a cute cat figure instead! The
Entertainer I salute you for your service to Moshi fans!

now have 16 more characters! Marcel and Nimbus seem happy to meet their new friends! Youngest has been feeding them tiny play food and they have had an adventure or two already, he even had them drinking freshly made lemonade (he found a teeny lemon, some water, a sugar shaker and a mini pan!) – the Moshi’s could get used to living here!

I think
every time we head to a decent toyshop we will be bolstering the ranks. So if you would like a little kick-start to
your child’s collection then please enter my competition. Two winners will win 3 x Series 7 blind bags
each. The competition will close on the
10th of September, to enter just leave a comment below (or on my
facebook page if you have any problems commenting here) letting me know your
child’s favourite Moshi Monster character.

262 thoughts on “Moshi Monsters Series 7 Blind Bag Competition

  1. My two granddaughters are always testing me on the names of their mosh I monsters and I usually get them wrong! Their favourite is Katsuma!

  2. Excellent prize, my daughter was lucky enough to go to the opening of Poppets boutique in Hamley's last Sunday, she loved it, not sure the pink stuff was great for my 9 year old boy though lol.

  3. my child doesn't have a favourite he loves them all he told me earlier lol that's excellent service from the entertainer makes sense to swap duplicates 🙂

  4. My daughter loves Poppet as that's 'her' moshi monster, and my son who is two is obsessed with her Banana Montana figure (he loves bananas so I think the idea of a singing banana just blows his little mind lol!)

  5. My son adores Iggy and has collected him in every colour! That is so good of the entertainer! Did they have a special day to go ÃŪn and swap or did they do it for you straight away? Brilliant of them as they must make less money that way in the long run. Thanks for the blog x x

  6. My 9 Yr old loves Poppet and even has a t shirt and PJs with Poppet on the front.
    We don't have an Entertainer, but it sounds like a brill idea to be able to swap duplicate Moshis. Our collection seems to grow nearly every week so we have several duplicates now.

  7. My daughter says she's stuck between Prof. Purplex, Suey & Poppet 🙂 She is Moshi mad, has the figures, mags, t-shirts, pj's, knickers and even socks! x

  8. This was a very tough question for my son to answer as he loves them all, but he finally settled on Gracie as she has the same name as his Sister (middle name)!

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