Once Musical

fabulous does this musical Once look, I am a romantic at heart so anything like this
is just perfect for me. The music and
the dancing, the atmosphere and the sheer talent on stage make it well worth
watching. Oh and it does not hurt at
all that the male lead seems a little dishy! I quite fancy the idea of being serenaded by him… closes eyes and
day dreams.

are an exceptionally clever cast, who can really act and sing. I occasionally turn off at the thought of
musicals but watching the video made me want to see more. It’s also endorsed by heaps of celebrities
and of course the press are going crazy over it! The transition from film to stage has been handled remarkably

Once is the winner of 8 Tony Awards in
2012, including Best New Musical, so that says it all really, watch the video for
yourself and see what the fuss is about:

I do love a decent love story. It helps make me more nostalgic for my own! After a few years raising children you need much more regular reminders lol.

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