Our Community Craft Session

I am a member of a group who help put on activities for
children in the area; it’s a great idea as being a small community there is not
always as much on as bustling cities. 
It is handy for the children during the long holidays; so far there has
been a nature trail, subsidised swimming and rock climbing, and we have
arranged drama and craft sessions.

asked ASDA if they could help support one of these craft sessions and they
kindly sent a bundle of items to help us out. I was grateful for more colouring pens especially to share out with all the children present. We had quite a crowd and everyone was keen to get involved and contribute.

It can get expensive running these activities; our funds have been
quite depleted during the holiday. 
Fundraising will begin in earnest again, we have a sponsored walk planned
and no doubt more when the children return to school and our meetings can recommence!

had a sea theme, with plenty of activities to create turtles, fish, octopus and
a handsome jellyfish. The children
present had a fabulous time, it was pouring down with rain so I think everyone
was appreciative of something to do to occupy them in such bad weather.

ASDA is the perfect shop to stock up on affordable craft supplies. They have an extensive range and all priced well. So if your thinking of getting ready for a big community project like us or just keeping the children occupied at home during the holidays, I would recommend a visit there. With just a little glue, sand, sequins, pens and crayons its amazing what you can create together!

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