Our ‪‎Route125‬ Adventure & Competition

hubbie this was a dream come true getting to head off on a #Route125 adventure driving
the rather fabulous Toyota RAV4. The
boys were equally enthusiastic “I want to stay in this car forever”. I could not believe my luck either, when you
are used to travelling in a Nissan Micra the chance to actually stretch out
your legs is a welcome luxury!!!

Eldest summed it up with “hundreds of leg space”, yes it
certainly was roomy, I also loved the vantage point, and we seemed to be
sitting higher up and had a better view of the road and the world around
us! Which helps if your setting off on
family adventures, you need to embrace every view and every detail…

hubbie is ruined for having done the test drive; he is now sulking desperately,
he returned to our car with a heavy heart! 
He is missing all the high-tec features the most, the built in SAT-NAV,
the electronic boot, being told when to shift gear and controlling the drivers
seat electronically! He adores gadgets
and this car was laden with anything he could possibly need and more. We did have the model with all the extra’s
to drive mind, it was priced at around £29k, but to see the pure delight in his
face it would be worth us starting to save or look at payment plans.

the practical mum I was more interested in the boot space! It was huge, when we holiday we become even
more cramped as you can imagine. I
think the boot is almost as big as the car we own…

boys were all about having their own windows they could operate. At the moment, they have tiny windows that
do not open on our car, so they were in their element! Youngest after realising he could control
his own window “I can see the birds dance they like our music”. What I did like though was you could also
lock the window from the front, so if your children are being silly hanging
their arms out or at the stage they want to lob stuff out of the window for
kicks (gosh I do not miss not having a toddler anymore) you can lock their
window till they behave!

family adventure was at Greenwood Forest Park; we had a lovely time thank you

we returned to the car park after our day out I felt a huge sense of pride that
was our car (even if only for the day!).

It just looks so impressive, commending a place on the road. It was a smooth drive, a surprisingly light
car to drive. Hubbie thought he would
be intimated driving a much bigger car to the one he is used to, but it was a
breeze. The big mirrors made seeing
around the car a simple and safe process and the reversing camera made
manoeuvring a bigger car easy!

kindly gave us a bloggers pack to take off on our journey, with a flask, some
lovely books, a game for the children and other useful bits and pieces.

If you would like to win one of these for
yourself then please kindly fill out the rafflecopter below by the 7th
of September.

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265 thoughts on “Our ‪‎Route125‬ Adventure & Competition

  1. Sounds like a fantastic car and day out you all had. I'd like to travel to Scotland to Slackline through the woods.

  2. the lake district – ive been once but not as a mum and would love to show my kids the beautiful sights

  3. All of them sounds good as I move from holland to England two years ago, I have not seen a lot of the country, but think Lake District be first as my partner says is beautiful there. Good luck everyone.

  4. I would love Number 35 – Ascending Snowdon because being a Welsh girl myself, I would love to take the children to the top of this wonderful mountain!

  5. I would love to try the Scottish Highlands. Don't get to visit Scotland as much as I used to now the grandparents are no long with us.

    I would love to visit – Orkney Islands and do some whale spotting

  6. Take my Mother In Law to the Edan Project as a treat as she has been battling breast cancer with great fortitude and positivity. Thanks 🙂

  7. I would love to go to Wales as I have never been. I would deffo climb the coastal cliff whilst I was there looks like sooo much fun!

  8. I would love to go to the lake district I went as a child and remember loving the beauty of the place and would love to return

  9. I've never been to wales so I would love to see some of the area. Either that or the medievil graffiti hunt sounds great. So much I'd do really. I love history and historic sights

  10. Number 63


    Swing across a river

    We think that building a bridge across a river is a bit boring. Instead we want to build a rope swing so that we can swing daringly across the water. We'll build some practice swings first, climbing trees and using strong knots and rope. Then we'll try our techniques over a real river. Hold on tight!

    looks like great fun x

  11. I'd love to do Number 18 – bag ruined castles. I haven't been to Scotland since I was about 8 years old and would love to go back as an adult, I was only young but have such vivid memories of the castles and history.

  12. lynton in Devon i stayed there for my honeymoon 🙂 would love to go back as i couldn't really appreciated it when we stayed there as i had morning, noon night sickness as i found out i was pregnant a week before the wedding lol

  13. Scottish highlands as my boyfriend got poorly and ended up in hospital last time we went! I would love to take him back so he could enjoy the beauty now as he was in pain before and missed bits!

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