Playmobil Launch New Magazine

My two were pleased when a playmobil magazine arrived in
the post, I must admit I only treat them to the occasional magazine, they can
get a little expensive otherwise. But
then again I do feel that the playmobil magazine is added value, the exclusive
collectible figure making it a lovely purchase even at £3.99. There was plenty to do inside to keep my
boys occupied too, so I will be hunting for the next issue when we head to the
newsagent or supermarket.

have seen some magazines that tempt my boys to work on me to buy them with
sugary sweets stuck on the front cover so I would definitely prefer to see them
heading for playmobil instead. I know
the figurine will be a quality item that will last and the content of the
magazine will be age appropriate and educational.

first issue was pirate themed so you had activities inside like instructions on
making a pirate costume, puzzles, cartoon sketches and a poster. But other issues will involve other popular
Playmobil playsets with just as much fun thrown in. I love the magazine as its another way to
encourage eldest with his reading, lately he makes more of a fuss unless he is
picking the reading material and cartoon sketches seem to be going down well.

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