Playroom Grand Designs

Eldest spent some time this morning whilst waiting for his
cousins to arrive planning his dream playroom, at the moment it is filled with
an assortment of toys, games and action figures. At times your hard-pressed just finding space for your feet to
touch the floor safely! When he is a
little older he wants it to be all about gaming! He drew up a sketch of what he had in mind. I think it’s going to be an expensive
business; he wants a corner sofa, a new TV, a mini fridge, an Xbox and a PS4
alongside the Wii he already owns.

room is not huge but it is a good shape so the corner sofa is the most sensible
option really. So perhaps he is on to
something there, although seeing as he is quite specific about what he wants I
will have to see which fabric corner sofas by he would prefer, as they are quite affordable there which will help free up some spends for the gaming accessories budget!

I guess mummy better start saving anyway, least I have a while yet, as he still very much enjoys all his action figure battles! But he is a gamer at heart just like his parents, so I know one day he will be dragging the toy boxes out and replacing them with this proposal instead. As much as its nice to think my days off tripping over toys would be behind me, more than anything I will be sad with how quick they have grown up! If I am lucky I might get invited in to pinch a can of pop or some chocolate supplies from his mini fridge, but more than likely my allocated duties will be simply re-stocking it and ensuring all his game discs are in the correct boxes come the evening…

Given how many friends my eldest plans to invite over to drink pop and
game with, I think the most sensible option for us would be to research the range of leather corner sofas by – probably
be easier to keep clean spills and chocolate fingers patterns which no doubt will end up all over it! We spent a small fortune on our corner sofa,
I wish I had shopped around now, it might be gorgeous but we certainly paid for

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