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There has been a prize drought of all of a couple of days and I am back with yet another lovely giveaway, this time courtesy of my friends at The Toadstool. The prize is £20 of PlusPlus which is quite a treat, with that you could invest in something like a Mini Neon 600 set (pictured). I quite fancy this for us so we could brighten up our current model displays, so you would be lucky indeed having this for your children.

It is a fabulous product that my boys (aged 4 and 6) are constantly building bits and bobs from or just enjoying sticking the pieces together with no real theme, but at least sitting nicely next to each other getting on with it. Hubbie particularly has developed quite a flair at making models. He seems to find it relaxing sat with the pieces coming up with a design, here is his latest offering.

I said submarine and he gave me a stare, it is actually a killer whale he grumbled (with sunset and mountain in the background!). So there you have it just one of the many things you can build with a set of PlusPlus, although hubbie says that this time its “art” not building something! Hmmm maybe all the praise I gave him went to his head!!! I need to buy some more sets so hubbie stops hogging it for himself.

To enter please kindly fill out the rafflecopter below by the 26th of August.

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92 thoughts on “PlusPlus Competition

  1. Id get 2 packs of the Plus Plus Mini Basic 250… just so it would make life easier giving them to my boys for christmas. They hate sharing, lol.

  2. i'd get 2 mini neon 100's and 2 mini basic 100's so my two little monsters could have a pack of each 🙂

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