Ready for anything

Living in Wales you get used to lots of rain! Even in the height of summer showers are quite regular, I love living here but we do have to be prepared. We all own wellies for jumping in muddy puddles (thanks to the influence of Peppa Pig and her brother George no less!) and possessing a waterproof jacket is a must! Something lightweight I can carry alongside all the bits and pieces the boys insist we bring along with us and then scavenge on the way round… Do you too find yourself on nice walks coming home with twigs, pinecones, stones even bugs (a whole host of new friends they want to move in!)?

My jacket is looking a little worn, tired like me! I think it’s time I did some research into new waterproof ladies coats. Next time we take on a mountain and are stuck miles from civilisation and any sign of decent shelter I will not look like a drenched rat! I will follow the Girl Guide motto and be prepared. So I started looking around, as I want something that is quality, long lasting and would not cost me an arm and a leg. I came across a few things but one which I really liked and fits my budget perfectly is this bright waterproof jacket from Cotton Traders. It is quite light so it is perfect for those warm days and I can always wear it on top of a fleece when it’s cold out. What do you guys think?! Too bright maybe?

Figure 1- ladies waterproof jacket

Whenever I buy clothes for myself I always manage to feel guilty! So if I am going to spoil myself to something I better treat hubbie too. The poor man has a very small wardrobe, what little he owns seems to have been destroyed with craft sessions and the boys wiping finger-painted hands on daddy. So if I am looking at waterproof jackets for women it might be kind of me to find a few piece of clothing to give his wardrobe a bit a boost. He is a simple man like every other man, he needs something versatile that he can wear with anything, for our day outs. So am thinking maybe a shirt or some new polo shirts for him! I came across these reasonably priced shirts from Cotton Traders, which would be great when worn with one of his salvageable jeans or chino trousers. This would keep him happy and me less guilty.

Figure 2- one of the options for hubbie

He can probably put it to good use for our trip to Portugal for a stay at an exclusive resort (thanks to a blogging win whoop indeed!) I do not want him or me to look like the scruffs of the family. So these shirts or smart polo shirts for men might get hubbie dressed more appropriately, the few items he owns tend to be t-shirts with rude slogans!!! I read trip advisor for our resort and it says it’s like a scene out of The Stepford Wives, so dressing the part might help us blend in and not look completely out of place.

I never feel uncomfortable spending on the boys clothes budget so I think it’s time I allocated some money for the parents; we do not want to let the side down when we are away. Our capsule wardrobes need an injection of clothes and quick.

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