Revive Me Please

Every day I hit a slump, it’s a wall of tiredness, there
is no sneaking off for a little nap not when you have two little boys to
watch! Left to their own devices who
knows what scary master plan they might come up with, they may well scale the
cupboards to go raiding for sweets, redecorate the hallway or living room with
their arts and craft box contents or commandeer the hamster to help them in
their quest for mischief!

generally top myself up with lots of cups of tea to cope, but sometimes you
find yourself wanting something different! 
You need an energy kick but you’re fed up with the same old thing. Luckily I was sent four bottles of Lucozade
Revive (the 380ml singles with an RRP of 99p) in the vague hope it would keep
me alert and I would not be nodding off in a corner somewhere…

for those at work too really, I remember my office days, having to raid my
biscuit drawer to keep me going until 5pm clock off! But as a stay at home mum, I feel my energy supplies are at there
lowest. So I opened up a bottle full of
hope, I was not disappointed they did seem to give me a boost. It’s all the B Vitamins that help with
energy release bringing my mojo back!

quite a range of flavours there will be one to appeal to you, I was especially
taken with the Lemongrass and Ginger, I thought it was very refreshing and the
ginger aspect was not too overpowering. 
Like a tasty but subtle ginger beer, I really liked it! I was not so sure about the Strawberry and
Lime combination, but my youngest who is 4 helped me out there (it says not to
give to children under 3 to be fair even youngest at 4 does not need to worry
about energy levels, he is always on the go, he was just keen to have a little
try!). The Orange with Acai was also
very pleasant. I am sure I will buy
more again to survive the last few weeks of the summer holidays.

more information head to the website.

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