School Memories and Another Competition

My memories of school are on the whole good; yes I had my odd trying moments, people trying to arrange fights for me to attend (involuntarily that is, I was quite a peace loving child!), luckily I managed to get out of them, being friends with girls higher up the pack hierarchy had its benefits.

I have fond recollections of crushes (unrequited, but still fun to have!), making friends then notes being passed back and fourth in the classroom with the latest gossip and believe it or not learning new things. I was somewhat of a geek; I loved history class, business studies, even maths. Myself and the French teacher never saw eye to eye, I think she thought I was destined to fail all my exams, so I must admit to taking great delight when I passed them all with flying colours (yes even French!).

I loved getting stuck into assignments, writing long sprawling essays going well and truly behind the criteria for assessment! Probably why I have taken to blogging so well. I just asked hubbie what his favourite memory of school was and it was… kissing girls! I asked him did he chase them round the schoolyard and he told me “no they came to me”! I think I might be going a little green round the edges. Would I go back and change how I was at school? No, I enjoyed it at the time, I must admit to enjoying college even more, and then University the most. By then I was more confident and outgoing than studious and had to work my socks off to get the grade I wanted come my final year after resting on my laurels too long (too much partying!).

would love to hear about all your memories (the uniform, the school dinners, your friends anything you want to mention) and in return I will pick
my favourite to win a fabulous pair of Vertbaudet school shoes. You can comment here, but if your having
trouble please feel free to comment on my facebook page. The competition will close on the 31st
of August.

75 thoughts on “School Memories and Another Competition

  1. my earliest school memory is Primary 1. We were bused to school, not sure where we were living, though possibly Cambridge as that was where my brother was born. This was back in the good old days ( mid 60's) of free school milk. The school were nice enough in the winter to keep it next to the radiator so it was warm and creamy for playtime. Once you had drunk your milk you could go out and play. If you did not drink your milk you could not and you spent lunch time stood in the corner without your lunch.
    Well I am lactose intolerant, but there was no such thing back then of course, and milk made me sick, cant drink the stuff and the very thought still makes me cringe. You could offer me a million in cash for just one mouthful and you would keep your money.
    So every playtime I sat with my milk and refused to drink it, so never got out to play. So every lunch time I was stood in the corner with no lunch. So every lunch time once the teacher had left the classroom I would run away home, so every lunch time the teacher would have to drive and pick me up.
    Im sure there must have been more punishment for this but I dont remember it.
    I went home starving cos I had had nothing all day.
    The good old days? I dont think so.

  2. I remember my first school there were only two classes, and around 50 people in the whole school. The head teacher, and also lived in my village had a soft spot for myself and my best friend. The staff room was up some stairs above our classroom and we were allowed to go and photocopy pages for the teacher as extra responsibility. we thought we were so cool as there were sofas upstairs and we used to sit and chat whilst using the photocopier.

  3. I remember very vividly getting detention for a whole week.
    I innocently added potassium permanganate to the tadpoles tank because I thought they would look pretty swimming in purple water.
    I didn't know it would disintegrate them.. All that was left in the tank was the pretty purple water. Oooops! The innocence of the young mind eh!

  4. my all time favourite memory was toffee tart. Soooooo yummy! If I could eat it everyday if I could. I am hoping my daughters school will make it and hopefully pop in and share her lunch haha!

  5. I loved school, My fave memory was having a mass water fight (there was a lot of teachers shouting). There was about 50 of us grabbing anything that would hold water

  6. In Edinburgh, pupils have every Friday afternoon off.
    My favourite school memory is spending those Friday afternoons in my last year of school curled up on the bean bags in the book corner of my classroom (with my mum and teacher's permission!) reading in the peace and quiet of an empty classroom. I'm sure I wasn't there very long but it was bliss.

  7. My fondest memory is the chocolate crunch! My friends and I always raced to the dinner hall to be 1st in line the days it was on the menu. We still talk about it now, and when my little ones start secondry school I will be asking them to fetch me some home. Got a few years to wait yet though! 😉

  8. The scool dinner ladies shouting across the room at kids "DO NOT SHOUT IN THE DINING HALL'. Even at the age of 5 the irony was not lost on me.

  9. We had a sleep over at my friends sisters house while she was away over the school cummer holidays. I had happened to mention in a game of spin the bottle that i fancied this who went to our school. My friend zoe then told me he lived nearby. I had forgot that fact when zoe suggested a early morning walk in our pjs (that were very cringy looking) to walk the dog. Off we went and nothing was thought of it until we were back at school. In english we had to do a talk on what we had done over the holidays… the lad i liked had his turn and told everyone about how he saw me and zoe in our pjs walking a dog and then said i think you need to get some pjs that match your age btw!!

  10. Pink custard, chocolate custard, yellow custard, all with a skin so thick you could make a handbag out of it! School dinners aren't what they used to be…they're so much better now!

  11. I loved it when the dinner ladies would ask if we wanted seconds on puddings, I was always first in the que when it was coconut jam cake -yummy

  12. So many memories.

    Sitting in the school hall singing hymns/songs, ones that my kids don't sing anymore. Who remembers singing – All Things Bright And Beautiful, Kum Ba Yah, Morning Has Broken and He's Got the Whole World In His Hands? Thinking of them make me think of happier times.
    Then theres the school dinners, i really loved school dinners. They were nice and i loved the puddings. My friend and myself used to go as slow as possible so we could get seconds 😉
    At the end of the year as the last whistle went, everyone would scream and cheer.

    I used to love sports in primary school esp football rounders….. probably because i was pretty good at it but i hated swimming. Our headmaster in primary school used to bring his big dog into school…. probably wouldn't be allowed these days. He also used to smoke cigars & he'd bring in his cigar wooden cases for some of us to use as pencil cases.
    Oh life as a pre-teen was pretty good.

  13. ok my fondest memory would have to be eating the chocolate cake with mint custard …. anyone else remember this ? it was the only thing i really enjoyed from the school meal selection but it was yummy

  14. So loved my primary school. I remember the dinner lady who used to play The Farmers In His Den with us and What's The Time Mr Wolf. Every dinnertime I'd pop to my Nans house just up the road for a meat, gravy & 2 veg meal. It was mainly all male teachers then at my school. If a boy was naughty, the one teacher would pick him up by his ears!

  15. When it was time to make GCSE choices, I took a teenaged huff and refused to do French. I was really good at it, but felt like the French teachers hadn't taught me anything much for a year, mostly because they were rubbish at disciplne. So I thumbed my nose at them and took Latin instead. I loved it. The Latin and classics teacher lived in a turretty room, up a dark, winding staircase in the old grammar school part of my comprehensive. The classroom had low, eaved ceilings, and the corduroy clad, ancient was soft spoken and mischievous. The, calm, cosy hours I spent in that class, with fellow geeks and history nerds made up some of my fondest memories of school.

  16. I remember the old classrooms with blackboards in them, we use to hide behind them before the teacher came in and move it during the lesson : )

  17. I remember joining lunchtime 'clubs' so we could get into 1st dinner sitting,even sat through music club (which I hated) just to get fed first. Shows school dinners weren't that bad back in the day 😉

  18. My fondest memory of school is the school discos, the jam sandwiches and the game where you had to sit on boys knees! "but miss boys have germs" haha. School was the good days!

  19. my fondest memory of school was the school dinners when they use to do chips!! cheesy chippy bun every time 🙂

  20. I remember looking at the 6th formers and thinking how OLD they were. I also remember when crisps cost 2d in old money and a Wagon Wheel was the size of your head. Happy times…..!

  21. I used to hate the fact that i wasn't allowed pudding if i didn't eat all my main dinner. The dinner ladies were like hawks! lol

  22. The school dinner I used to have – chips and grav,y chips and beans, roast dinners, fish and chips, god if Jamie Oliver saw that menu he would probably have a heart attack! it's all changed now!

  23. I used to love having an iced bun at break time from the canteen, it only cost 20p, was massive and covered with bright pink icing. Me and my friend used to lick the icing so we didn't have to share!

  24. As a child, and probably before package holidays to Europe were popular, and affordable, (I'm 47), we spent a long holiday down south. We took a trip to Winchester, my dad wanted to see the sights, including the cathedral, unfortunately, for my dad, we spent the whole day school shoe shopping. I was so indecisive about which pair of shoes I wanted, we still ended up without a pair and my dad still never got to see the cathedral. He has never let me forget this episode.

  25. my biggest memory and regret from school was wanting to have a new look on my first day to high school so i got all my hair cut off to just above my ears. i looked like a boy. it didnt suit my face at all. i hated it. not a great way to start a new school. haha luckily its well and truley grew out now and i learned my lesson never getting it cut that short again lol

  26. On my very first day in high school, I somehow managed to drop my tray, sending my dinner crashing to the floor. I stood there all on my own in the middle of a pile of broken crockery and spilled food. Everyone in the noisy dinner hall went quiet and looked at me. Everyone except my big brother who was so embarrassed of me and hid behind his table!

  27. My best memory was my Maths teacher in High School. He was totally gorgeous.. I once offended him by saying something stupid and felt really awful after. Always wondered where he is now as he doesnt work there anymore 🙁

  28. Drooling over a boy during lessons in high school. Never had the courage to ask him out. Luckily we met up at a party when school had finished and managed to link up! 26 years later we are still happily married with 3 young children. It was clearly meant to be 🙂

  29. I remember my first day at High school, how big & scary everyone was. I wanted to look cool, something I have never achieved, oyu had the choice of skirt, shirt & jumper or a tunic, shirt & jumper. I chose the tunic, fatal mistake there was a whole two of us that started who wore it, my schooling never recovered from it! I can smile now, but at the time I hated school, loved the lessons, it was the break & dinner times that I hated.

  30. My best memory of school was the sheppards pie and the cornflake pudding with white creamy stuff in it. I've never tasted anything like it since. It's such a shame as they were 'to die for' food and I would love to find out how they were made exactly!

  31. One memory I have from being VERY young at school is a being sat at the table for school dinner and a friend telling me a story about her brother and baked beans and even thou I now can't remember the details of the story still to this day 25+ years after I have never eaten a baked bean again!!

  32. My favourite memories from school always involved sports day. I was a good runner from a very young age and looked forward to every PE lesson and every sports day so i could run my socks off. In primary 5 i was selected to represent my school against all the other schools. I was 8 years old and remember it clear as day. I was running against loads of other pupils in heats and sailed through them all. In the end i won every race and remember being so proud taking my big trophy back to the school to show off to everyone. To this day i still have all my medals, rosettes and trophys i won from all my sports days in primary and secondary school. If id stuck in i could probably be racing against the world class athletes that compete in the olympics, but alas as soon as i hit 16 i decided partying with my friends was more important. Still kick myself to this day that i didnt stick in. Now my 10 year old daughter is following in my footsteps and already been scouted by the local athletics club! So proud and i really hope she sticks in! 🙂

  33. We had to wear a tie and we hated it, and now I wish my son had a tie! I remember Australian Crunch (peppermint) was my favourite for school dinners, everyone hated school dinners but I really enjoyed them! My earliest memory is moving to Somerset from up north, and I said to a friend on my 1st day something about my pants being wet (it was raining) little did I know that pants in Somerset means nickers, not trousers like up north lol, embarrassing!

  34. I remember also my brother getting sent home form school, and every lunch time my mum had to collect him…. him and his mate had a race to see who could wee up the toilet door (they were really short in first school) and as the wee hit the top and went over it hit the head teacher!! At the time obviously my mum was mortified but actually its very amusing really!

  35. I remember my younger brothers first day of school really well, I felt so important showing him around and looking after him

  36. At school we had "The Bench"; a bench that me and my 5 friends spent every lunch and break on. It was the only bench in the playground and we used to call out and chat to every teacher that walked pass. I really miss it!

  37. My best memory was with school friends when we first camped out together. My Mum came to collect me the day after and I had just zoomed up to meet her (without her knowledge) on a moped. My friend who dropped me off then proceeded to zoom back down the track and…..crashed head on into my Mum's car…..she didnt believe my stories of quiet nights around a camp fire again….and I was grounded for quite some time

  38. Stripy tie, starched shirt
    Thick tights, navy skirt
    New school bag and pencil case
    Black shoes with a fancy lace
    Meg & Mog, Topsy & Tim
    Hiding behind your desk, getting changed for Gym
    Mrs Blake with her crazy hair.
    Answering a question with your hand in the air
    British Bulldog every playtime
    My name on a peg so I knew it was mine
    School dinners were a hit or a miss
    Apart from the puddings which I totally miss
    We never knew school would pass too fast
    So enjoy being carefree whilst it lasts.

  39. I love the memory of dinner school, our dinner ladies were lovely and boy oh boy could they cook, the lovely smells wafting round the school from 10 in the morning, Gingerbread and Custard puddings!! yummy and of course the stampede for seconds lol

  40. I loved primary school for lots of different reasons and have loads of happy memories. I can remember the wooden blocked hall we had to sit on for Assembly and the strange linseed smell it had, drinking school milk out of small bottles with a straw, pretending you needed to sharpen your pencil so you could go and have a quick chat with your friend over the waste-basket, playing on the adventure playground at playtime, playing hop-scotch, British bulldogs and skipping with my friends, covering my hand in copydex glue and then waiting for it to dry and then enjoying peeling it off like a second skin! I can remember having to cover my school books and instead of boring brown paper, I always made my mum use 'pretty wallpaper' so my books looked cute!

  41. I have 2 memories of primary school that I have no idea if they really happened or not. Sadly I can't ask my mum to validate them as she has passed, and my Dad says 'he thinks so' when I ask him if they really happened.

    The first is, an elephant escaped from Chester Zoo and went past the playing field of our school. all the children were whisked into the school until the elephant was safely captured.

    The second is that I got my head caught in the railings around the playground and the fire department had to be called out to prise the rails apart to free me.

    I really wish I could find out if they really happened, as they do seem quite extreme memories for a primary schoolgirl in Chester 🙂

  42. My favourite thing about school was the puddings! I loved the chocolate cement with pink strawberry custard …. good times!

  43. One thing that I often think about is that I was a superhuman when at secondary school. Even in the middle of winter I often used to be seen walking to the bus stop without a coat, with just a scarf around my neck. I don't remember ever being cold – if only I could just capture a little bit of that adrenaline into my adult life! Ha! The very slight wind blows now and I have my coat on.

  44. Best Memory – meeting a new friend called Ian Coultas after moving from Banbury in Epwell to Stakeford nr Ashington at the tender age of 7. Accents apart – we understood and respected each other from the word go and still do today. Thanks Ian for a lot of very good memories at school

  45. I think one of my earliest memories of School was my first day,I remember mum cycling me there through the field,then when we got there,going in,and me looking at all these children already in the classroom and bursting into tears,mum thought it was because i'd never been with that many kids,and I just sobbed,It's not that I don't like Stickle Bricks!!haha.Don't know why I didn't like them ,as they soon became one of my favourite toys,but's my first memory of my schooldays

  46. At primary school, the playing fields backed onto fields and there were stray cats that we sort of adopted. Me and some friends used to collect all the milk leftovers and take them to the cats and put our spare pennies together to buy a cheap tin of Chappie (dogfood!) on our way to school, along with our cola cubes and pear drops! Other than that, I was quite cheeky at school. One time our teacher left the room and I swapped my little plastic chair for his comfy twirly one and he hit the roof!! He did not find it funny at all.

  47. I didn't enjoy school very much unfortunately because of all the bullying that went on in my primary school. I was punched, kicked & called names everyday & was covered in bruises, but when my mum confronted the headmistress she said "that sort of thing doesn't happen here!" So the good old days were not so good! The best moment in primary was when the school got a BBC model B computer (a very basic machine that you had to program yourself (no Windows!) & it had only 125K of memory!) I used to love the days that it came round on a trolley to our classroom & we all took turns to have goes on it. It seemed so amazing & space age technology at the time! Later at secondary – no bullying (hooray) My dad promised me a computer if I came top in the yearly exams. I'm sure he didn't expect to actually have to buy one, but I worked hard & came top with so my dad had to keep his promise & I got a BBC Master 512 computer (512 being 512K of memory!) Later at A levels I wanted to do Computer Science but the head teacher refused to have it as an A-level because she thought that computers were a just a fad that would die out! I gave notice of leaving the school, but as my dad was a teacher in my school, the head pulled him to one side & said it looked awful if a teachers child left so she allowed Computer Science for A levels & I had to stay & I bet she was glad that I insisted on Computer Science A-levels in the long run!

  48. That is totally awful to starve a child all day. I wonder how they got away with some of the stuff that went on 🙁

  49. I was an A grade pupil but my French teacher didn't like me either. Despite having brought my book to class every day, I once forgot. Or rather I didn't forget, it was under another book in my locker and I didn't spot it. She made me stand the whole class, facing the wall. Talk about mean!

  50. I remember my awful mullet and it makes me shudder everytime i think about it or am reminded of the pictures yuk!

  51. My first memory was from when I started Nursery! I remember my mum taking me in, and I was crying because I thought that my teacher was a pain… Her name was Mrs Payne lol.

  52. I remember when i went to secondary school, it was horrible the first day. I had to travel to another place to school as the one local wasn't suitable for a wheelchair. I didn't know anyone there at all so was definately the new kid on the block

  53. Fondest school memories are secondary school and their gorgeous school dinners, my favourite being steamed choc pudding with mint custard always had seconds when that was on the menu 🙂

  54. my favourite memory is of starting school, i was really really excited about it as i was leaving nursery and becoming a big girl, pestered my mum to get me a satchel all summer and she got me the exact one i wanted as money was tight I was over the moon to get it, wish I still had it lol

  55. my fondest memory of school was actually the school dinners! I used to absolutely love ordering my favourite turkey drumsticks chips and spaghetti and apple crumble with custard for desert…yummy!

  56. Loved school, miss it so much! I remember my little blue primary school dress I had to wear in summer and falling over in the playground! i was always in the wars 🙁

  57. My best memory of being in school was my friends, I had such lovely friends that always made me forget the hard times at home when my parents were splitting up. School was my escape. I loved the fun times in school, the french lessons were always fun, but most of all me and my best friend, Rebecca, loved cheesy chips with gravy in the canteen at lunch time, that was our favourite part of the day 😉

  58. I remember our head teacher… She would walk around with a ruler measuring the girls heels to check they weren't higher than allowed 😉

  59. My most prominent Memory was walking to school on my birthday with my new school 'basket' (height of fashion at the time) as I entered the playground I slipped on the ice and crunch! Broken heart, broken prided, broken basket!

  60. Winning a dozen bars of Cadburys chocolate, for writing an essay based
    on a film our class had watched about the production of chocolate.
    Cadburys had sponsored the film and judged the essays entered.

  61. My first school memory actually was on my first day at school. The teacher had a pet hamster and my sister and i had recently 'lost' our hamster and I didn't realise that lots of people might have them. when I saw this one in the class room i though this was our one and opened the cage and tried to put him in my dress pocket. My new teacher saw this and give be such a telling off. I went home crying that she had stolen our hamster!

  62. My main memories of primary school were the school dinners, I really hated them. We used to have to sit 8 to a table and the head of the table would be the server and would serve everyone their meal. If you didn't like it you could ask for a half portion, but you still had to eat it.

    You weren't aloud to leave the table till your plate was empty. We were even forced to eat the dessert too and again you weren't aloud to go play till your bowl was clean. Out of the many disgusting meals we were served the only ones I liked were fish and chips, or salad which was served with these weird homemade crisps that were very soggy.

    So almost every meal time I was left with no playtime in tears trying not to be sick, while I was finishing my dinner. The worst meal we were served was chicken supreme, I hated it and the worst desert by far was semolina and rice pudding, I thought they looked like sick, in fact eating them made me feel sick. Both of these dishes were served with a blob of jam in the middle and I think every kid used to stir it round until you got pink rice pudding.

    We were also served sponge puddings with a very strange green mint flavoured sauce, I hated the pudding but very strangely actually like the mint sauce. Worse was when it was served with custard as a thick skin would settle on the top which you had to hack through.

    We also got served what I think are very strange drinks for a child like tea and coffee, which also came with a skin on the top and you had to be careful not swallow it as it was very slimy.

    Now I liked bacon as a child, but not school bacon, goodness knows what they did to it, but it was ruined. And always came with a thick rim of white uncooked fat on it, I think they must have boiled it or something.

    Anyway I'm getting a bit carried away here, so I end now by telling you my best school dinner memory, and that was at Christmas. After we had our roast dinner out came the tin foil wrapped potatoes, and stuck in these were lollipops, which of course I had no problem with.

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