Staying out of the red

you’re trying to work out family finances, it can be handy to have a little
knowledge. I did a Management degree
but the accountancy elements are now fuzzy! 
I think I blanked out a whole term of lessons, as I cannot get my head
round numbers very well. I preferred
the flamboyancy of marketing and coming up with advertising campaigns. Hubbie is far better with figures, he made
up a database for us to input everything in and it works out how much we have
spent (or overspent usually!). He has
the practical head on his shoulders; I am the blogger who waffles on in her own
little bubble oblivious to the important issues.

Both hubbie and I have a naughty little habit in that we
do tend to spoil the children, we let them attend most activities near and far,
treat them to meals out (rather than make up packed lunches!), indulge them
with books, games and toys although not quite as often as we did in the pre-blogging
days. We need to get a grip of our
finances and wrestle them into order! 
Cutbacks need to be made, overspending avoided! We need to make the most of the free or
inexpensive activities we could enjoy, walking, bug hunting, football and den

Here the boys and their friends are on a nature trail, print off some handouts and away they go, perfect entertainment and no outlay! Whoop.

think it would not hurt for me to refresh my financial knowledge with a
course! I vowed I had it with learning,
after school, college and university I did my fair share. Yet I crave to get on top of our personal
finances and it would not hurt to take a bookkeeping course. It might even open new ventures locally,
employment opportunities are limited here, and so it could not hurt to make
myself more employable. I have a dream
and that is to take the boys to Florida, but it will not become a reality until
I learn to manage our finances better.

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