Stuck on You Back to School Review and Giveaway

boys like things in double; if one has it the other is pretty much guaranteed
to want the same! They have matching
trainers, youngest has ones slightly smaller than his brother, but so slight is
the difference it’s a struggle every morning trying to figure out the owner of
each pair! The sizes had all but worn
off, so luckily I received my shoe labels in the nick of time. It’s a breeze now as they easily spot their
own shoes. At the school disco more of
their style of shoe were popping up all over the place, as it seems such a popular choice of
trainer (flashing lights can do that!), so shoe dots are pretty essential…

boys also have matching raincoats; youngest is almost as big as his brother
despite the gap of 21 months. He is a
strapping four year old bless him so again clothing labels are handy so we can
make sure they each have the right coats too!

school name labels are even more important, the amount of items that end up in the lost
property is unreal. The school have
actually started a stall to sell them off cheaply to help raise funds as so
many are unclaimed they do not have space for them. But constantly replacing lost uniform can be
pricey so spending out on labels is worthwhile and very sensible.

have a generous competition for two winners to pick any Stuck on You label value pack from the selection available on the website.

If you would like a chance of winning one
then please fill out the rafflecopter below by the 23rd of August. We are almost half way through the holidays, so time to either start ordering labels (or ideally winning them here!). Now is a good time mind with the free shipping on value packs until the 11th of August.

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120 thoughts on “Stuck on You Back to School Review and Giveaway

  1. its too far away to start thinking about school. I will be rushing around at the last minute. Good job you have this comptetion, its reminding me that i need name labels!

  2. Ni i need loads of stuff, i need to get a new book bag, some cardis and sort her socks and tights out!

  3. Not yet, I have the school jumpers and bookbag paid for. He seems to have a growth spurt in the summer hoildays, so I wait until the last week. Lol

  4. My little guy isn't quite ready for school yet but my nephew is about to start 'big boy school' (primary) πŸ™‚

  5. Def not yet we still have our summer holiday to look forward to but i am well organised and only have shoes and lunch boxes to buy πŸ™‚

  6. I've got about half the girls' uniforms but still need to buy shoes and sports stuff – I'm saving that expense for a few more weeks!!

  7. It feels far too soon to be thinking about it yet but that's the teacher in me!
    The mum in me is worrying that I've not go pe kits etc.

  8. I usually wait until a week or so before as my daughter is prone to growth spurts so I will buy uniform and shoes just before, sometimes means a trail round a few extra shops for her sizing but I think its worth it.

  9. Not yet, enjoy camping in the new forest, days out in the park and family time too much even though we have to fit it in around work!

  10. My eldest daughter goes into Year 1 in September and my youngest starts preschool, fairly close to being ready, just a new lunchbox to buy πŸ™‚

  11. You can never have enough labels!
    I almost ready, got the main bits just leave shoes until the last minute, feet grow so fast.

  12. Hiya, I'm only half-ready to be honest! I've got all the uniform, which cost a fortune as every item (including the girls skirts and trousers) are badged! But, still got all the bags, lunch bags, shoes, stationery etc to get, so I'm planning a big trip to our local city later this week to get it all finished!

  13. No! πŸ™ Have school shoes and lunch boxes to get – daughter needs all her stationary too…we go on holiday in a week…best get a wriggle on…

  14. We tried on our daughters clothes and shoes tonight, so glad they fit, as i brought at the beginning of the school holidays. Daughter looked really smart.

  15. Not yet, will make a list first. Once list is complete I am usually pretty quick in obtaining requirements. An exciting time.

  16. Nearly ready, most of the new school uniform ready for washing. Now just need new lunch boxes and water bottles.

  17. We are so not ready!!! We have been looking for suitable uniforms over the summer, but still not found everything we need πŸ™‚

  18. No my little boy starts reception in September, I have his uniform but that's about it, so I still have lots of other bits left to get!

  19. I am nowhere near ready! Still got to buy trousers, shirts, jumpers, shoes, rucksacks and a PE kit. Think that's all anyway!!

  20. my grandson has all his uniform now, he just needs school shoes, he looks too small to go to school, he's only just four

  21. Yes our kids are back, thank goodness! Could really use the labels though as that is the one thing I didn't get this year! πŸ™‚

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