The importance of having time alone with your partner

When it comes to planning some quality time with your other half, it’s easy for other things to get in the way. After a long day at work, three loads of washing and supervising some particularly difficult homework, it might be tempting to call the whole thing off for an early night. However, having a regular date night is crucial in helping you keep your relationship happy and healthy. Here’s why…

Romantic dinner

It helps make your relationship important

Often couples cancel date night because they feel like they could save the money and simply spend time together at home. However, it rarely works out that way as everyday tasks take over. Why sit together doing nothing when you could be tidying the house/finishing your tax return/doing your ironing?

The need to simply sit together and enjoy each other’s company gets erased by the need to get everything done. Over time, this will lead you to place less and less importance on spending time together and to devalue each other’s company. This isn’t good for a healthy relationship and won’t make either of you happy.

It introduces an element of fun

Another problem with putting mundane tasks above each other’s company is that it takes all the fun out of your everyday lives. Without a bit of downtime, life becomes one job after another until you feel like you’re going to collapse. By making fun a priority, you can ensure a healthy balance which will give your relationship a boost. If your marriage is important to you, make fun a priority.

It helps you reconnect

When you’re used to living with someone, it’s easy to feel like you’ve communicated more than you actually have. It might take a whole evening of each other’s company to really catch up on what the other person is up to and how they’re doing.

A five minute conversation in front of the TV isn’t enough. Date nights can give you back that chance to find out what’s going on with your partner away from the rush of your daily routine.


It rekindles romance

By being together, just the two of you, you can remind yourselves of your life together as a couple. When you have responsibilities, it can be easy to forget what brought you together in the first place, when you had more time to spend only with each other. Thinking about that time in your lives can be immensely romantic and a great way to bring you closer together.

When it comes to developing a strong relationship with a partner, a key factor is time. It takes time to nurture a healthy relationship, time to establish yourselves as a couple and time to meet someone in the first place! Online dating through websites such as can make this process easier by allowing singles to meet each other through one easy service.

If you’re still looking for Mr or Miss Right, it only takes a short amount of time to set up an online profile, personalise your searches and begin meeting people right away. By dedicating time to both finding someone special and keeping them in your life, you’ll have a much better chance of sustaining a healthy relationship long-term.

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