The Superhero Approved Car Seat

It can be tiring taking down villains all day long, you start to crave a little comfort. When you’re a bonafide pint sized superhero it helps if you can travel in style.after all you spend big chunks of your time on the road, hunting out those up to mischievous deeds and wrongdoings!

If you’re cruising along in the back of the car, nodding your head along to the latest tunes whilst coming up with a range of devious plans to capture your latest arch enemy with a net, an angry parrot and a cool box full of ice – you must arrive at your destination safely.

cannot be all primed ready to go if your not keeping yourself buckled up and
travelling securely!!! What if you fall out and rip your cloak, what will you waft in the face of danger then. Or your trademark mask might fall off and suddenly everyone know’s your secret identity and you cannot nip out to get a newspaper or pick up some groceries without everyone wanting you to rescue their cat from up a tree.

Being a
superhero is a big responsibility and you have a certain impression to maintain. Wearing a spandex outfit is not all about
comfort; it’s about upholding that image. 
Likewise mini superhero’s would not be seen in any car seat oh no, only
a real Batman car seat would do the trick, plus that’s all Batman would allow
in his sleek Batmobile. Batman is all
about being careful; Robin was always encouraged to use two hands on the bat
rope for that very reason!!!

There’s not a moment to lose, head to Kids Embrace

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