Time to notice more

With children its amazing how quickly a house can get a
little drab and dirty, playdoh seems to get smeared into the floor, the craft
box that lives safely in the kitchen migrates into the living room and somehow
glitter and glue ends up on the floor. 
First thing in the morning my eyes are still sealed half closed and
somehow the chaos slips by unnoticed until you realise the muddle they have
managed to make! I should wake up throw
myself in to the shower and then neck back a very strong cup of tea before they
awaken then I might be more on the ball when they sneakily move the messy craft
items around the house and stop the disorder before it starts…

The last thing I want to do before breakfast is hunt out
the hoover and try and restore order. I
want to come round slowly, with boys who sit sedately watching the cartoons for
a little while, I know I dream big, so instead I think its time to be prepared
instead! I will do my best to put into
plan operation wake up before the boys but as a back up its time to start
researching into buying VAX Hoovers, because our handy little hoover cannot
keep up with the mess the boys generate on a daily basis.

am quite happy for them to have messy play outside; they are forever making
magical potions with a whole host of crazy things then or even at the kitchen
table! Our kitchen is one part of the
house we have not yet touched, so the fact a little paint is found up the walls
and on the lampshade does not distress me at the moment. If the time comes when we finally get round
to decorating then I might be a little more precious and whip out the carpet washers at the first sign of a spillage. 
Until then the kitchen is there little crafting paradise and has been since they were young.

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