Walkers Mighty Lights Review

We were sent the new range of Mighty Lights to review,
much to the delight of hubbie and the boys the package arrived just in time for
lunch! We do enjoy chomping on crisps
with our sandwiches; it’s much like I cannot have a cup of tea without
accompanying it with something sweet. 
But you do worry these habits can slowly add on the weight, luckily for
us the Mighty Lights have 30% less fat! 
Mummy has plans to shift the wobbly tummy and this might do the trick.

Here are the boys modelling the packets, this season it’s
all about Mighty Lights available in three delicious flavours in the latest

with the healthier variants of snacks you expect them not to taste as nice, but
these were very flavoursome, I enjoyed the Cheese and Onion (not too
overpowering!), the boys loved the Lightly Salted (not sure if they picked this
packet more on the colour red, than the flavour inside but they wolfed them
down anyway lol!) and hubbie was all about the Roast Chicken. So we were all well catered for. The boys had a little grumble about no Salt
and Vinegar flavour but that did not last after the first crisp made contact!

stop taking pictures we want to tuck in

the new school term coming closer, we are all about getting school uniforms and
shoes ready, labelling clothes, buying stationary but its time to also rethink
lunch box contents. These make a
lighter alternate for your children’s lunch, so a snack I am happier to send
them to school with. It is a worry
trying to give your children the balance between what’s good for them and what
they crave. If their friends have
crisps then they want the same, fortunately it’s not such a concern with these. They tick all the right boxes for us as a

has just walked in demanding a packet for breakfast; he must love them, as
that’s a first! The ridged crisps are
very appealing mind, but I think I might get him to wait till lunch. Mummy is happy to include crisps but not
first thing!!! Ridged crisps are my
favourite type, I love the texture, but I have found they are the ones usually laden
down with fat! So I know which ridged
crisp I will be heading for from now on, Mighty Lights!

packaging is entertaining with a little potato crisp showing his muscles and
the shadow behind is much bigger and stronger! 
So children will be proud of these packets in their lunch boxes.

keep hearing how “Awesome” these crisps are. 
Well I think this time mummy agrees too, as a source of fibre I am more
inclined to include Mighty Lights in our diets. It is surely better than the time I had to get prune juice in
stock! YACK comes to mind.

up for this new snack

can read more and see all the nutritional information on the Mighty Lights website.

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