Win a Coffee Hamper

Thanks to the lovely folk over at I
have a fabulous coffee hamper to giveaway, perfect for those lazy weekends (if
your still child free that is) or to get through the LONG days if you’re a
parent and need of a caffeine top up to survive! Although if you love the taste and not the caffeine they have
plenty to offer the decaf drinker too. All coffee drinkers are well catered for here, if your more into ground roasted or instant, your coffee fix will be satisfied!

I wish I liked coffee because the range of flavours
available on their website is quite extensive, they all sound really
delicious. My boring cup of black tea
does not look quite so inviting this morning… I feel a little sorry for myself,
am sure getting up before 6am would not seem such a burden if my drink was more
appealing, with flavours like swiss chocolate almond, sticky toffee or Caribbean Rum! Anyone drooling already???

You can save yourself a fortunate buying coffee here and
ditch your expensive Starbucks habit! I
am hooked on Christmas pudding, so imagine my delight to spot a Christmas
Pudding flavour! Now if anything would
ever get me drinking coffee it would be this. 
I think my sweet tooth then could be happily catered for with just my tasty
hot beverage and I would not need to keep reaching for cake and biscuits!

To enter simply complete the rafflecopter below by the 30th of August and it could be you supping on this amazing prize!

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487 thoughts on “Win a Coffee Hamper

  1. I'm a massive mocha fan but tend to drink black coffee because mocha is the calories – so double chocolate flavoured beans would be AMAZING because then I could get my chocolate coffee hit without the cream or sugar!

  2. Cinnamon Styx Flavour for me as a big fan of cinnamon, but lots of unusual and nice sounding flavours on that site.

  3. awesome prize, cinder coffee for me, just what the doctor ordered to give my wife and I energy during the long school holidays

  4. French Vanilla – commented by me – ALLAN MORTIMER! not Caroline Mortimer – who this computer thinks I am!

  5. Oooooooh It's gotta be Christmas Pud for me too, love it AND Pudding is my nickname so we were made for each other…Coffee love <3

  6. Christmas Pudding flavour sounds amazing! Never tried that in a coffee before, all the flavours sound really original and delicious.

  7. So many gorgeous flavours to choose from … I'd be most excited to try Christmas Pudding flavour tho, sounds delicious (and only 19 weeks to go!)

  8. Cinder Toffee for me… when I go to Whitby, I always get a bag… and to think I could start each morning with that tasty fresh flavour!! Yes please!

  9. Would have to be Cinder Toffee, I remember the sweets we used to get called that, quick showing of my age there!!

  10. Caramel – because I've tried it before and really liked it!! (Amaretto, Irish Cream, Tiramisu, Chocolate Raspberry, Macadamia, Malt Whisky, Maple Walnut, Pecan Nut Pie are the other ones I'd like to try LOL)

  11. Christmas pudding has got to be a winner for me – I love coffee and wait happily over 300 days for christmas pudding i love it !

  12. The cinder toffee looks amazing! Cinder toffee reminds me of being a nipper, I couldn't think of a better combo than that and coffee!

  13. Chocolate Chip Cookie looks good. I'm going to put this website on my Christmas list! Thanks for blogging about it I love coffee πŸ™‚

  14. Pecan Nut Pie sounds amazing!

    In case it matters my rafflecomper is gaz bennett (facebook login) but my comment name (Disqus) come up as Gareth bennett.

  15. christmas pudding sounds great, I love the spicy taste of christmas pud and to have that in a coffee sounds devine

  16. Christmas pud, cinder toffee, mocha orange wow they all sound delicious wouldn't mind trying any of the great flavours available.

  17. I don't drink coffee (unless I'm very, very tired!) but my boyfriend loves it so it would be for him πŸ™‚ I'm sure he would love double chocolate!

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