Yellow Moon Coloured Sand

We were sent a selection of coloured sand from our friends
over at Yellow Moon; it was to compliment the sand art bottles we received in
the last bloggers delivery. My boys
love sand, but coloured sand is even more fun! 
Youngest was adamant I should let him pour it all into his sandpit, but
I had to explain it was meant for crafting before he dashed off with the
lot. For £10.99 its great value for sand art but it would be
expensive just to use in a sand pit, you would need heaps of bottles! Bless him though, it does look so fabulous
it was only natural he would want to add it to his much beloved sandpit.

The boys enjoyed the activity and we have plenty of sand left over to come up with some other craft ideas (or sneak off into the sandpit, but I shall be keeping an eye on him!).

They loved the finished necklaces. So much so eldest made two more for his cousins. It is another great idea for birthday parties, something all the children can try there hand at then go home proudly wearing their creation. The only thing I would say is also invest in a few more funnels, my two had to wait nicely to take turns using the one supplied with the bottles. But I do think its good practice for them to share although if you were entertaining lots of children it would be wise to be prepared!

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