Yellow Moon Delivery

was sent a delightful bundle of Yellow Moon crafting supplies as part of their
blogging network.

It was handy timing
in the midst of the school holidays and I was impressed with the selection and
how well they were all packaged. Most
of the sets come in little packets with their own instructions so if you had a
group of children round each child can easily see what they need to do. No fighting over one dog eared set of instructions or a frazzled mummy running back and fourth between lots of children.

Each of the sets were a seaside theme so very applicable
for the holidays. What surprised me the
most though was the price of each set, all very affordable and good value for
what is included. Just make sure you
have glue to hand as not every set comes with adhesive items or with glue

The boys were very proud of their creations.

The 3D Crinkle Seahorse Decoration Kits were only £2.99 and the Sealife Colour in Snowstorms £3.99, so you can easily build up quite a collection very inexpensively. Some
of the items we were sent are already sold out on the website! Which goes to show how popular craft sets are
from Yellow Moon, literally flying off the shelves. So place an order quickly because you will not want to miss out on some of these bargains!

I think
I will definitely be heading here first from now on when planning the boys next parties or
just for activities to do in any lull. 
With winter still ahead I think a giant craft selection might just help me survive those long cold months, happy boys after all mean a happy mummy! So the more I can have stocked in the longer
I can keep them occupied…

For the boys I have sent a considerable amount of birthday parties over the years, including the cost of a balloon modeler/magician just think of how many craft sets I could have had for that price, all of which engage children just as much but at the fraction of the cost! We certainly spent a pleasant afternoon enjoying just a sample of Yellow Moon has available.

You can get them in theme wearing masks then send them home with what they have made instead of costly goodie bags (although if I shopped at the right places like Yellow Moon then it seems less of an outlay and more of a sensible investment!).

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