Zinc Outlaw Scooter Competition

The summer holidays are in full flow; little legs are
getting tired with all the rushing around! 
So having a scooter to hand can make life that bit easier, its
surprising how fast you can reach your destination if your child has wheels to
assist them. But this scooter has an
extra very enticing feature – a real flame effect! How cool is that! Or sick
whatever the lingo the kids are using these days. You can tell I read TOXIC magazine the other day, I am a mummy in
the know!

With so many scooters out there, its nice to have one with that differentiates
from the others. With the flare on
breaking, it’s visually appealing to little ones. They will be begging to go on longer and longer distances not
whinging are we nearly there yet. I
showed eldest a picture of the scooter and he said I love the fire on it, I
feel a little guilty now I said I would host a giveaway instead of a review,
because obviously owning a scooter is not the same as owning a scooter with
fire… suitably chastised I will know for next time!

The scooter can also be folded! Now this impresses mummy more than the flame, because storage is
a serious issue in our house. We have
stuff left right and centre consuming the whole house. I have a little bit of space allocated for
me and its shrinking daily, so if I can make a scooter half in size to be
tidied away nicely I would be a happy bunny indeed! Now I just wish they would do it with ALL toys my boys own…

You can find out more about Hy-Pro on their website, the
Zinc scooters are just one of a wide range of fabulous products they manufacture. I think I even noticed a scooter with sparks,
now that might even trump this! 
Decisions, decisions oh well least I am feeling inspired ready for

So if you fancy winning a Zinc Outlaw Scooter (RRP Β£49.99)
just complete the rafflecopter below by the 19th of August.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

275 thoughts on “Zinc Outlaw Scooter Competition

  1. My grandson has wanted one of these for ages. How nice it would be to see his face if I delivered this to him in the next few weeks

  2. Love your website name! Missing Sleep is definitely one I can relate to! Great comp, would save for when my boy's a little bit bigger. Thanks x

  3. My daughter is such a tom boy she would be really in her element with this scooter, being a responsible father I'd have to test it out with a few rides and tricks first though!

  4. Another fantastic giveaway on offer! Caught my eye straight away, a new scooter is on my sons wish list! πŸ™‚

  5. That would set the pavement on fire ! I would love to see the look on my grandchildrens faces if I turned up with it to their house!

  6. fab scooter…. wheels on fire…. ive actually had a go on a little scooter like this (shhhh dont tell anyone) and i whizzed downhill to school to pick up our son about 2 years ago and it was fab! but if he finds out i will get blamed for the wheels being worn out by breaking…lol

  7. Nice comment…here's a list of some nice things; sunflowers, butterflys, bumblebees, sunshine, trees, wine, chocolate, coffee and walnut cake, getting on the scales and finding your weights gone down, cuddling. πŸ˜‰

  8. iv seen so many scooters because i love them but this one looks so unique, this is definitely a people pleaser !! πŸ™‚

  9. Very nice first scooter for toddlers and the fire picture makes it extra special…. and a foldaway now your talking! πŸ™‚

  10. Great prize, my son would love this…especially as his scooter has just lost a handlebar at the weekend!

  11. A fantastic prize. fab for putting away for crimbo, and a good way to exercise after crimbo dinner heehee

  12. my little lad would love this to go around copying his big brother who has a stunt scooter as he loves him soo much

  13. Oh this is fab! When I was little I always wanted flames on my bike but made do with lolly sticks that made a wicked sound lol

  14. Love the design on this scooter and the flare on breaking.
    Would be tempted to have a go on this myself! But alas would have to give it up to one of my adorable grandsons πŸ™‚

  15. Lovely comp, will make one child very happy. My son will love this scooter as his one got stolen recently. Good luck everyone

  16. my boys love toxic mag so iive also been known to give it a read lol thanks for the comp this wuld be fab

  17. My daughter just crashed her scooter the other day – this would be a great way for her to 'get back on the horse!' – fingers crossed.

  18. Love reading your blog; you are amazing, I don't know how you have the time to blog what with one husband, two boys and two cats, wow LOL

  19. This scooter is great πŸ™‚ My little boy would love it πŸ™‚ love that it folds thats the problem with a small car and 3 kids lol

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