Colgate Oral Health Month

I sadly could not make the event in London to celebrate Colgate Oral Health Month but I
was kindly sent some goodies anyway. My
two are connoisseurs of toothpaste so I was pleased to have some new ones for
them to try out, they are quite particular, and youngest especially is not a
huge fan of mint. So having a mild
version will probably suit him quite nicely and as for the Spiderman battery
powered toothbrush I think war will be on the cards over who gets to use that… new toothbrushes and toothpastes are a appropriate motivation to encourage good oral hygiene habits!

It is fabulous to see Colgate raising awareness during September of the importance of good oral health. I do not always find the morning brushing teeth routine easy, but I always insist the boys have a thorough brush before leaving the house for school. A Colgate survey found that one in five parents make teeth brushing
routines more fun by singing a special tooth-brushing song, so maybe I should try just try harder! But first thing in the morning, just opening my eyes is a stretch, coming up with a song and dance routine might be too much before 9am… (maybe we could have a weekend sing song instead!).

It is good to avoid the use of sweets and chocolate to encourage children to brush their teeth because it kind of defeats the object! Although I can sympathize with any approach as the tantrums and tears can tire you out, but you can do it. Googles a suitable tooth brushing song, maybe we could all sing together! In the meantime Colgate have commissioned some helpful video’s. You can see more by clicking on following links – Dental expert Dr Simon N Khoury BDS, nutritionist Dr Nigel Denby and psychologist Dr Karen Pine, I am off to swot up! We will have pearly whites to envy here…

If you head to the website there is more useful information to give you further guidance! Yes caring for your child’s teeth can be a fight at times, but its well worth preserving. A lovely smile gives a child confidence and a spring in their step!

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