Cream Crackered

to having kids a case of the snuffles warranted being tucked up in bed, with a
hot soothing drink, a decent film, a large sized tissue box and someone to run
around after you bringing restorative chicken soup, a magazine or the tub of
menthol rub when you need it! Now you
just have to suck it up! If you’re ill,
its just tough you have little people to take care off now, no shirking your
responsibilities in favour of a quick nap, especially my two they have sooo much energy!

frankly it’s easier just to stay well in the first place, but with the
bombardment of germs children insist on sharing (school is a breeding ground of
coughs, colds and heaven knows what else!) that can be tricky. I know getting a decent nights sleep can
help, along with a good diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables and lots of
water to drink. But I do not have the
best habits, I blog late into the night, burning myself out, but finding it the
only way to keep on top of things and I eat far too much cake!

So I need something I can do easily that will
just slot into my daily routine. Vitamin supplements look like the easiest option. 
I mean how hard is it to take a quick tablet. I can feel like I am doing something useful to perk me up then,
as long as no one ever expects me to pronounce what I am taking! Pycnogenol, Selenium and Ubiquinol all sound quite a mouthful but if it means I have
happy healthy cells then what the heck I am all for popping the

I am at it hubbie could do with some more life in him. His new job is quite full on, so he could do
with a boost to his immune system. I
wonder what I can encourage him to take. 
Although I have no plans for the B-Daddy product, after two children I
have done my bit and do not want any help making more little darlings.

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