Dreambaby Retractable Safety Gate Competition

you become a parent it comes a weight of new worries and concerns. You suddenly have a developing baby in your
life curious and inquisitive of the world around them and keeping them safe
becomes a full on mission!

I baby proofed our house to the maximum down to a fridge
and toilet lock (the toilet lock was pretty essential after they tried to flush
a soft toy or two down there!). Extra
safety measures did in part calm my anxious nerves, getting a safety gate was
our wisest purchase. You could contain
play to one room (the room without all the breakable nick knacks or dangerous
knives) or ensure the stairs are off limits!

is tricky finding the most appropriate safety gate, some of us have awkward doorways
and spaces we need made safe! Luckily
Dreambaby have taken all this into consideration and come up with the ideal
solution, that covers all openings up to 140cm. Additionally with two sets of mounting brackets you can
conveniently move it to another location if you need too! So one Dreambaby Retractable Safety Gate is
as good as two standard ones making them a more affordable option even at

you can also use the gate outside as it has galvanised hardware, it is such a
functional gate I am a little miffed I missed out on using it here. I think it would have come in very handy as
the one we had was always difficult to adjust, it was portable admittedly but I
prefer the idea of the multiple mounting brackets and just slotting in a
Dreambaby gate when needed.

in black or white it can fit with your dΓ©cor better and being so lightweight it
does not stick out like a sore thumb! 
Obviously we all want safe houses for our children but being stylish is
a huge plus.

The Retractable Safety Gate is available on Amazon now.

I have a feeling this competition will be very popular
as Dreambaby is newly launched here, so it’s the first time you have been able
to get your hands on it in the UK, so if you would like to enter please fill
out the rafflecopter below by the 15th of October.

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142 thoughts on “Dreambaby Retractable Safety Gate Competition

  1. I so need one of these! we've just moved to a new home and the doors are so narrow none of our gates fit!!! these are fab and adjustable πŸ™‚

  2. Great blog thanks! We've just moved house and now need stairgates as my monkey bolts to climb the stair at every opportunity

  3. Great item and much, much better than the usual Jail Cell Gates! Really idea, fingers crossed and good luck all xx

  4. great item, i haven't even begun to think about baby proofing yet, i'll definitely need to cordon off the kitchen and stairs

  5. I'd LOVE to win this. We currently have a stairgate at the bottom of the stairs but I think we'll be needing one for Lord & Master's bedroom soon…

  6. My goddaughter is due to have her first baby in November and I would like to give her something for the future as everyone will buy for the baby now. I'm sure money will be short in the near future with all the expense a new baby brings, so this would be just perfect.

  7. This would be great for when my niece comes to visit she's recently found her feet and has a great sense of adventure!

  8. Having got rid of our baby equipment because our children are older now, this would be ideal for visits form our grand children as it cane easily be moved around to suit.

  9. This is such a great idea. I have a 4 month old so need to start thinking of baby-proofing our flat pretty soon.

  10. This would come in handy, we have one metal one at the bottom of our stairs and one metal one at the kitchen. Now need another for the top! Fab comp! πŸ™‚

  11. Great product! Definitely much nicer than the normal safety gates! Great review and fab giveaway! Thank you so much! X

  12. fab giveaway, this would come in very handy as i have a 9month old daughter whos just started to stand up on her own so wont be long before shes walking! and im due another girl in december so il have double trouble!! xx

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