Family day at the seaside

This year there is no denying that we’ve had a fantastic summer. After what seems like years of getting through disappointingly dismal school holiday weather, most parts of the UK have had something of a heatwave and long hot sunny days to remember.

Of course, it is times like that which provide a backdrop for many childhood memories of visiting seaside towns, but most of us probably have just as many, if not more, experiences of a traditional UK seaside day out in overcast and colder conditions.

Going to the seaside with the family isn’t just about spending time on the beach or going in the sea, and isn’t something that only happens during the summer either. There is a far deeper tradition of other things to do at our much-loved seaside resorts that means it is something that can make up a family day out all year round.


As a nation we are used to making the most of unpredictable weather all year round, so a day at the seaside means more than simply heading for the beach and hoping for the best. Cinemas in seaside towns are always a good bet, sometimes they can be great examples of old style picture houses while others are as state of the art as those found in any major city.

The great selection of kids movies that are releases each year means that there is never a shortage of choice for all the family when it comes to spending an afternoon or evening watching a film.

Fish ‘n’ chips

Although most of us will probably have a great fish and chip shop near to where we live, there is something different and special about eating one of the nation’s favourite meals at the seaside.

Traditionally fish and chips are as much a part of a seaside visit as a stick of rock or a saucy postcard. Both of the last two are dying out now and seem like outdated things, but finding a good fish shop is something that, if anything, has become even easier.

Not only is having what some call a ‘fish supper’ a fun thing to do, it’s also surprisingly healthy and nutritious too – providing you make the right choices over what you order!

Amusement arcades

Another fixture of most popular seaside resorts is amusement arcades. These are usually found right on the seafront itself and typically on the pier (if the town has one). The modern arcade is a far cry from those of only even twenty years ago when many parents were kids themselves.

There are still plenty of slot machines and one armed bandits, but computer-style video games and interactive games such as dance based machines means there is now an even bigger choice with something for all the family.

Sophisticated ‘shoot em up’ games sit side-by-side with more taxing mental puzzles so there is something for all ages. Best of all though the old ‘seedy’ image that arcades might have once had has now been shed and replaced by a much more family-friendly atmosphere.

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