Getting breakfast right

Sometimes breakfasts are grab and go here,
getting the boys a good start to the day being my main aim that often I neglect
myself. But it’s interesting to see am
I actually doing right by my boys, you think what you are giving them is
filling and nourishing but is it that healthy?!? I love the following picture
showing the reality of some of the breakfast staples they have. I think its time to come up with a better
alternative and now I have some ideas, fresh fruit and yoghurt all round. We all prepare a lot for going back to school ordering the uniform and shoes, picking out the stationary supplies and a fancy new school bag surely we should put as much thought into what they have to start the day!

As much as my two will badger no more frosted cereals for them… (let the breakfast battles commence in earnest, mummy is getting tough!).

Source: YorkTest – the foodintolerance experts

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