Hello Canvas Photo Competition

all our children are slowly returning to school this week and our nests are
looking decidedly empty! I thought it
might be nice to have a photo competition in conjunction with Hello Canvas to
win a canvas print (16x24in) for one lucky winner.

I will get my boys to pick the photo they like best so
post your favourite picture that sums up your summer holidays on my Missing Sleep facebook page. 
With our precious bundles back at school it will be lovely for
the winner to have a memory to treasure whilst they are away from home. We all look back on the summer holidays
fondly now, arguments and grumbles quickly forgotten and hugs and kisses very much missed!

I love my Hello Canvas print, it
helps me smile whilst youngest has gone full time! I am sat in the living room not quite as lost, as I can see his cheeky chappy face looking at me and remember all the fun times we have had together. I think we will all appreciate each other that much more for a few hours apart! We have our moments when he tells me very loudly about all his nose picking habits and insists on squabbling with his brother lots, but he has a heart of gold and is such a lovely lad.

I will be excited to head to the school gates at 3pm and wait for
my two little lovelies and bundle them up into my arms. Until then at least I am catching up with my competitions for you
guys to keep me from pining too desperately. I need to keep focused on something… your pictures might help cheer me up I am sure! So do enter my competition and remember what you loved most as a family during the summer. With my boys picking the winner they will no doubt be swayed by pictures that appeal to them and their interests (aged 4 and 6) so that gives you a little tip for entering!

The competition will close on the 21st of September.

15 thoughts on “Hello Canvas Photo Competition

  1. I have posted my photo on your Facebook page, a picture of My 3 boys chilling out in the garden (and hitting each other with guitars).
    P.s. 11+ exams for my eldest tomorrow … I'm doing this to take my mind off it!

  2. I am just about to post a photo on FB wall for you i can't seem to do it here (technology hates me lol ) it's my boy and girl boys 15 but little girl is 5 now they are on the trampolines at Heads Of Ayr Farm Park during our holiday in July this year everytime i see this pic it reminds me of so much fun plus it also reminds me just how grown up my kids are becoming xoxox

  3. I've just posted a photo of my yummy nephew attacking a temple in Bali to your facebook page. His mum is a teacher, and she's just gone back to school part-time after her maternity leave, so is really missing him!

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