How To Make Sure Those Amazing Memories Last Forever

Keeping Diaries Isn’t Just For Teenagers!

Although initially it might seem odd, take the time to keep a diary. Record the events of your day, describe how you feel and what you were thinking at the time. Nothing will give you a clearer insight into your mindset at the time of specific occasions than an account written by you. The cathartic nature of writing your feeling down cannot be underestimated, and is difficult to explain to someone who hasn’t tried it. But, suffice to say, it truly works in making you feel better, organizing your thoughts and, most importantly, preserving your memories. There are different ways to keep diaries; some people just write what happened in their day, others have a more conversational style. You’ll find a style that suits you. Just let yourself go and be completely honest; no-one else ever has to read it.

Photos, Photos And More Photos

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of taking as many photos as you can. The emergence of digital photography as the dominant technology means that it is easy to take literally hundreds of photos at a time and store them with ease. If you are good with words, then writing will give you a version of and event that will become a memory, but photographs are as honest and realistic a form of documentation there is. In one, or a series of, small moments perfectly captured visually you can create a direct window into what was happening, where you were going, how you looked, who you were with and what you did. There is no clearer way to remember the happy times than taking as many photos as you can. Moreover, you now don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on fancy digital cameras, almost every phone has a camera function of good enough quality to take all of your photos with ease.

Organise Your Photos To Optimise Your Memories

So, you’ve taken the kids away for a week and taken thousands of photos to make sure you remember the occasion. What now? First of all, take the time to sift through all of the photos to keep all of the ones you love. There are plenty of ways to get hard copies printed of your favourite photos online, for very reasonable prices. One of the best ways to categorise your photos is with the creation of albums for specific events. Everytime you go somewhere or do something that leads you to take a high number of pictures, make an album specifically to commemorate it. have twelve great tips on how to create amazing photo albums; by investing your time today, you and your family can re-live the memories tomorrow. Make your children their own album from the day they are born, it’s something than be constantly updated as they grow and will make a priceless keepsake for them when they are grown up, and have kids of their own.

Alternative To Photo Albums

Whereas a well-made photo album is great, there are other alternatives to making the most out of your photos. Hallmark have a great range of personalised gifts such as mugs and candles that can be created to feature your favourite photos. There’s no better way to ensure your precious memories stay important, fill your home with happy reminders of all the fun times you have had together as a family

Ashley Carter lists the ways in which you can ensure your memories last for a lifetime.

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  1. I do that Photo Album with little stories beside them when we been doing anything together, it's lovely to sit though and great fun going through all the photo's we take, for every 2-300 photos we take there is always a couple of really good ones xoxox

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