In battle with germs

flu season is upon us, time to batten down the hatches and get ready to fight
back! My boys getting poorly is always
a bad time, we have sleepless nights, they cannot go to school (wonderful
institution school, gives mummy’s a welcome rest ha!) and they generally
grumble and moan more in high pitched tones that deafen my poor ears!!! I want to keep us all healthy and well, but
it can be difficult.

also have a hubbie who germs really seem to like! He must have an invisible sign above his
head saying, “germs welcome here!” as they come from near and far to give him
coughs, sniffles and sore throats! Worse still he does not get sick pay but
luckily where he works they do have access to complimentary flu jabs –
which is a huge plus! As I want him
going into work and earning enough to pay the mortgage and put food on the
table, him ailing in bed would be no good for our finances or my mood!

My eldest always has flu jabs as he
is asthmatic, but I did read that they are rolling out this to include all children aged two and three which might be handy for some of you to know. As my youngest is four already unfortunately he will not have one so I need to find other
methods to keep him healthy! There are
quite a few precautions you can take to help thankfully:

At school the children are not
allowed to share water bottles to stop germs spreading, at the time I thought
what is the harm of friends sharing a drink if one friend had forgotten their
bottle, but when you think of the hidden germs lurking then maybe its much more
sensible that way!

It is important to have good hygiene; regularly washing hands to stop any contamination moving to your eyes or mouth resulting in the
flu. This can be tricky with young children;
they seem prone to “interesting” (I use that word very loosely) habits, like
leaving the bathroom minus washing heads or flushing the toilet and usually
having declared proudly and far too loudly they have been picking their nose!!! But as parents we can buy try and instill good habits, maybe one day what we are saying will sink in.

I tell the boys to cover their mouth with their hand if they cough, but then they are just spreading germs to everything they touch,
so from now on I am all about tissues! 
Then you can throw away the germs (nasty little blitters!).

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