Magic Mitten Competition

tell what is this about a Magic Mitten, I admit I had never heard of it before
but now I have I wish it had been around when my two boys had been babies. It’s no wonder really with a blog titled
Missing Sleep I would have been grateful for just about anything to try and
help the dreadful sleep deprivation that I endured for years!

various points my babies thought it was great to wake up for the day at 1am and
stay awake… all day! Like little
Duracell babies, with a never ending supply of energy whilst mummy was
lethargic and outright exhausted!

Naps in the day were always a little tricky too, not
always guaranteed and took a fair bit of practise to get the pair off to
sleep. Sometimes I swear I put more
effort into coaxing sleep than they actually then slept for (a power nap of 10
minutes was very common!).

Magic Mitten is a handheld baby calming device, when you have a little one you
do quickly learn to treasure those quieter moments, with a little one nestled
in your arms drifting off into sleep. 
But achieving that can be a lot harder than you think, the poor loves
have colic to deal with, restlessness, windy tummies, constipation… holding
this device to your babies ear they hear the soothing sounds of either the
mother’s heartbeat, ocean waves or rain on a tin roof. I get the first two sounds not entirely sure
of the third, but then as an adult who has stayed in a caravan in the rain
keeping me up that’s why I am a little dubious, but I am not a baby and they have
realised they seem to love white noise so this product has been created to
perfectly capture that in a safe patented device developed by a father.

parents you may have concerns holding a device so close to your child, but
these are clearly addressed, the product automatically turns off after 10
minutes, the cushioned pad helps with sound diffusion, a safe level of sound with
a fixed volume. So as a parent I would
have been happy for my two to use this device, I might have been a more relaxed

The Magic Mitten is now available in the
UK and is available for Β£39.99 from as well as a number
of carefully selected retailers.

been offered TWO of these genius products to giveaway, so if you would like to
enter and hopefully see an end to your sleep woe’s then please kindly fill in
the rafflecopter below by the 28th of September.

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99 thoughts on “Magic Mitten Competition

  1. I told my sister about this today (she has a 7 week old baby) but I don't think she believes such a thing is possible!

  2. Thanks for the review. This sounds wonderful. Lara has nights when she wakes every half hour. People tell us that she'll grow out of this phase. Meanwhile a Magic Mitten could be a sanity saver!

  3. I have seen these a couple of times now, they get really good reviews so I would be interested to see how it works on my little monster!x

  4. Why can't you give more of a challenge? Leaving a nice comment about your blog is too easy really as it is a really good place to visit and the product speaks for itself, anything that genuinely helps calm a baby gets top marks from any parent.

  5. These look fantastic, would love to try them, baby due in January, so if I don't win, I'll be putting them on her shopping list

  6. i have heard so much positive feedback about the product my daughter screams from 10am till 10pm i really have to try this out

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