Moshi Monsters Exclusive Trailer and Competition

had an email today confirming I was one of the Moshi Monsters Ambassadors! I did let off a whoop of excitement and I
confess it cheered me up no end with the boys going back to school and the
house feeling so empty! I knew they
would be pleased with the news, as they are big Moshi Monsters fans themselves.

responsibilities kick-start with letting you lovely followers have a first peek
at the new Moshi
Monstersβ„’ upcoming game Katsuma Unleashed but the fun does not
stop there, I also have a chance for one of you to win the game (it is available on DS and 3DS and released on the 11th of October)!

It looks like an action packed game, filled with special moves, tricky jumps, impressive bosses, starring the rather fabulous Katsuma (a favourite of many Moshi Monsters fans!). I know eldest would love to get this hands on a copy, so I am sure this will be a popular competition. To enter the competition kindly fill out the rafflecopter below by the 27th of September and you might be the lucky winner gaming Katsuma style.

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145 thoughts on “Moshi Monsters Exclusive Trailer and Competition

  1. I think it looks like a game that would be great for all ages, platformers always go down well in our household!

  2. As a mum of a 6 year old Moshi maniac I know she would LOVE to win this fab prize. I also know all of series 4's names. I am 41.

  3. My 6 year old daughter is mad about Moshi Monsters and judging from the trailer it looks like loads of fun! It would be perfect for her as some other DS games have a lot of reading to work through that she can't always do that on her own. This game looks perfect!

  4. Game looks fast paced to me and clear colourful graphics. Youngsters love Moshi Monsters, and would be thrilled if we won the game. They love computer games etc.

  5. looks like great fun for the kids, my lot love Moshi Monsters so anything that consists of them is a winner in this house xoxox

  6. I think the game looks fantastic. One of my little girls is obsessed with her 3DS and is mad about all things Moshi, so she would absolutely adore this!

  7. This looks a lot more platform based than the previous Moshi theme park game which was a big disappointment and I felt a waste of money. The Katsuma Unleashed game looks to be a massive improvement and more inkeeping with the fun and cool Moshi brand. The only concern I'd have is if the soundtrack keeps going "ahhh, Katsuma" as in the clip it will drive me crazy within a day or two!
    A great looking game though and if I don't win a copy it looks something I could happily buy my daughter this Christmas.

  8. Great game really attractive. Good for those older kids who like moshi monsters but want a more challenging game. And those sneaky adults who want to steal a play.

  9. My 3 boys would absolutely love this and I think mummy would have to sneak a few goes too! I love how colourful it is and it just looks like so much fun! πŸ™‚

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