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community is quite caring; there is always some kind of fundraising effort
going on to help various causes. Hubbie
had his baking skills volunteered the other day and has to provide a cake for a
coffee morning, I do not mind personally as hopefully it will mean an excuse
for him to make an extra one for my tummy!

One of his delicious cakes

We have numerous sponsored walks, auctions, tombola’s, cake sales and
raffles to support and contribute too (I am always rustling up raffle prizes
for the school).

can sometimes feel like charity is a bottomless pit chomping on all our hard
earned pennies but I do like to do my bit and help where I can. It is also nice when you see companies
trying to help out too, seeing as they have more resources available to access than
little old me!

is Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, so it’s good to see that this is
the focus for lots of companies at the moment, they are trying to draw attention to the work of Breast Cancer Care and raise vital funds in the
process. Breast Cancer touches so many
people’s lives; it can be devastating for those involved and life changing.

Breast Cancer Care provides a wealth of information to
anyone impacted by breast cancer and needing somewhere to turn to. They have a manned helpline if you need
someone to talk too, with nurses and trained staff available it can ease some
of your concerns or just make you feel a little better, because it is not just
the physical aspect of the disease but also how it effects your emotions.

charity also spends lots of funds training staff to ensure early detection of the
disease; treatment can then be more effective. 
So I am all for money going to Breast Cancer Care. Make sure you are all doing regular checks
of your breasts and go to the doctor straight away if you notice any changes.

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  1. look on this morning web page if you done some thing good tell them on their web page and £5 will donate to charity i'm heading over to tell them i just gave a bag clothes to cancer trust

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