Preparing for winter

Winter will be setting in soon, not viewed with the same
scale of the panic as in the series Game of Thrones I hope! I know I can be dramatic about it, I am not
keen on the slippery icy pavements, the inability to get warm, having to wear
too many layers… but I am not quite as distressed as some of the characters
from that show! With their grave

But still I do like keeping warm, I tend to have my
onesie, a dressing gown and a blanket over me when it’s the height of
winter! Although remaining portable
when your wrapped in so many layers is tricky to say the least, so instead I
might have to invest in some decent heating or be confined to the sofa!

quite like the look of the wide range of electric fires at Fireplace Megastore;
the flame effects are romantic and reminiscent of the log fire at my parents
house. We have no chimney anymore here it
was taken out in our most ambitious home renovation project a few years back,
so the only hope of re-creating the cosy atmosphere of a log fire is to go

I plan to visit fireplace megastore online with post haste, as online shopping is the way to go when you live
in the back of beyond! Miles from
civilisation on any kind of scale, this winter I will be prepared, I will toast
myself next to the fire like a contented cat. 
Casting aside my thermal socks and long johns (hubbie will be delighted
with this news!) and enjoy a proper (electric) fire.

How can I be gloomy watching the flickering flames dancing in front of
me, central heating is nowhere near as pretty. 
If you were heading out into that snow coming home to a nice fire would
cut through the cold before you know it, so stop your moaning about Winter Starks and get a decent fire.

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