Shoes get Hotter this autumn

I was emailed to blog about my favourite pair of shoes from the Hotter Autumn
collection I jumped at the chance – well the opportunity to possibly win a pair for myself did not hurt to persuade me either! You
can win a pair for yourself on my blog already here, but I have a longing for
my own pair. Stomps feet and sulks until I hopefully get my own way (well it works for my boys!).

I love how the brand has adapted to a shoe for the young
as well as the young at heart! The
autumn collection has plenty to offer and is surprisingly fashionable, winter boots to keep you nice and toasty (but stylish not just practical!) and heels to give you a lift when you feel gloomy and glum and fed up
of the cold!

To be honest winter can be a little tiresome, having to layer the children up and not forget hats, scarfs and gloves, but its a fabulous excuse to wear boots! So I
would choose the Cheshire Boots personally, so I could fit in with the yummy
mummy’s dashing around always looking glamorous at the school gate, wearing
jodhpurs and one of those little tweed jackets. I do not have a real horse but possibly I could borrow a
hobbyhorse on a stick and hope no one realizes! I am sure they will be completely distracted by my gorgeous boots
no one would even notice the horse is not real!

I am swaying between the tan and the black, both are
rather marvellous and flattering!

I would wear them to
everything! The boys are full time at
school now, so I can swan around at my leisure looking calm and enchanting
(well in-between a HUGE list of chores hubbie has left me!). I will be attending functions, bake sales
and coffee dates with friends, actually just about any event so I have an
excuse to give the boots another airing. 
Surely all my friends need to see them, so they can be educated where to
get their own pairs before winter sets in.

This winter I do not want to be a mismatch of
styles; I have watched the Hotter AW13 behind the scenes video with
avid interest. I can see what will work
and what won’t. I think what works best
is having a having a gorgeous house with lavish grounds to stomp around in
them, but if you live more humbly like me, they are so versatile you do not
have to be a lady of the manor to pull it off. 
These are comfortable boots made to be worn anywhere, for work or play
keeping you stylish and warm, if I was feeling adventurous I could team up with a
bright scarf to add some colour. But
these boots work well with skinny jeans, leggings and dresses… I just have the small matter of being picked as a winner (keep your fingers crossed for me!).

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