Skwooshi Activity Set Review

As a family who is quite craft orientated we were very pleased to take delivery of this Skwooshi Activity Set (RRP £12.99), especially as its rain, rain and more rain this weekend!

I have been grateful for this activity to keep the boys occupied and they have let their imaginations run wild, with talk of running a restaurant serving me the likes of egg friend rice, sausages and carrots, chewy toffee pudding and of all things “brick burgers!”

I did ask about the contents of my burger as the title did not sound very appealing but it was all about beans, sausages and peas and no sign of a brick – phew! But they made use of all the provided tools to chop and shape my dinner, even taken into consideration my safety “do not touch that’s hot, I am wearing gloves as the chef so I can hold it mummy”!!!

Lucky me, I am in for a culinary treat here…

It is unlike the usual brands of dough we have. It has a nice interesting texture and fortunately does not stain clothes; some of the cheaper brands of dough we have bought have been a complete pain. Really gooey and messy, staining furniture and clothes left right and center. So the relative gain of having something to do with the children is offset by the cost of replacing the clothes they manage to ruin! But thankfully not the case with this clever set.

I like the interesting shaped containers to store the compound; it even lets you add some interesting patterns on to it. It is fabulous as it never dries out either you can keep wheeling it out to entertain the kids, meaning never a dull moment whatever the weather. You do find the colours mix together, but that old age problem never seems to go away whatever brand you use. My boys will always be mixers and not keep colours separate but I have long made peace with that.

When you make shapes they seem quite firm, but it’s easy to make Skwooshi soft and pliable again, rubbed in between your figures it reminded me a little of candy floss but without any sticky residue of course. The perfect material for moulding crafting fun!

You can find out more from the website

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