The Farmer and the Thrill Seeker

visit out saw us at Fantasy Farm Park near Aberystwyth youngest wants to be a
farmer when he is older, so he was excited to be giving a lamb a bottle
(admittedly a giant lamb with only a week left of needing bottles, it was HUGE
and a forceful drinker haha!)

Meeting all the other farm animals and enjoying
a bumpy tractor trailer ride, just to brush up on his farming skills of course!

and hubbie were more thrill seeking and enjoyed the go-karts. I reluctantly drove youngest round the
course (driving and me do not mix); he was a little disgruntled because I drove
much slower than daddy! But then again
just getting us round the track at all and managing to park (in a manner) was
enough of a thrill for me…

was a big play area; the boys enjoyed the bouncy castles and having such a free
run around tubes and slides.

But my
highlight was cuddling the gorgeous golden retriever puppies and of course watching my clever eldest master monkey bars for the first time!

spent just slim of £30 for our entrance and we did spend almost four hours
here. The staff were very friendly and
obliging if they saw you venture near an unmanned activity (it was quiet
everyone must have been getting ready for back to school) they would quickly
pop over to help you out!

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