Time to dress to impress

My youngest cherub goes full time next week! My life will change completely, I feel a little sorrow but it’s a double edged sword it will be nice having some more free time and not tidying the house constantly for yet more playdates (followed by re-tiding the house after said playdates have trashed it haha!). I think the money I will save keeping my boys in snacks will let me splash out on my wardrobe. I have a very practical one at the moment, jeans and t-shirts, grubby trainers, raincoat… all best suited for adventures with my two! Trips to the park, the seaside or off up a mountain or two. My jeans have holes in the knees from too much floor time, watching the boys play LEGO or cars.

With the chance for coffees with the girls in my diary (or maybe cocktail afternoons if we are feeling ambitious!) I think I might put a little more pride in my appearance. Perhaps if I invest in some occasion dresses I can swan around like Willamina Slater from Ugly Betty, am sure I could turn a few heads then! I wonder how hard it is to pile all my hair on top of my head…

I want to be all about style and forget functionality for a while. It sounds like mummy bloggers have the edge when it comes to dressing well; I think I am letting the side down after reading this article. Now I have discovered Hobbs I can be just as sophisticated as this lot! Perhaps you will find the next article about moi!

So what has caught my eye in particular, I love the prints and the contrasting colours. I can see myself tottering around in heels, looking very graceful for a change. Dresses here seem extremely flattering. I wonder if I can convince hubbie I need THREE!

For the school cake sale I could pull out all the stops in this attractive number (will it help us sell more cakes that is the question?!?)

For manning the tombola stand for the school committee fundraising team I could look pretty and delicate in this beautiful summer dress

Finally for sports day I will wear this vintage dress with lots of embroidery, do you think it will get me out of the parent race? I could not possibly run in heels after all!

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