Vertbaudet Shoes Review

We were sent a pair of shoes the Boy’s Dual Fabric Trainer
for eldest and he loved them so much he declared proudly “these are for special
days at school and parities”.

Obviously they are far too nice for day to day wear
according to him, but I have a feeling now he has had them on he will want to
wear them everywhere! He especially
liked the coloured circles (lace holes) design; he thought they were very cool
even though they have no flashing lights like his current trainers. These do not need any gimmicks they are just
lovely trainers.

They are priced £30 and look a decent quality item. Eldest thought they were very comfortable on
his feet and I thought they made him look smart. They are easy to put on eventually I will have to teach my boys
to do laces but for now I enjoy the ease of velcro straps. I have enough trouble coaxing them to do stuff as it is…

I had not thought of Vertabudet for shoes before but having seen
what they have to offer, I am sure I will be back. Youngest is going to want to be as well dressed as his big
brother so it will be sooner rather than later when I pay my next visit. I think if I show them the website they will badger me for more, now they are starting to take an interest in what they wear, I do not get away with making the sole decision about what they will step out in anymore!!!

Thankfully when it comes to what Vertabudet stock mummy and boys both like what they see…

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