Watch Types for His Personality

Men’s watches come is all different shapes, sizes and styles. It’s important to find the right one that will match both a man’s needs and personality. Below is a breakdown of types of watches to suit different personalities and will make him feel his best.

A watch that would fit the rugged adventurer is one that is durable, practical and functional. He wants a watch that he never has to worry about breaking with features that he can use. The features should include a watch with a long battery life, and scratch resistant and anti-reflective technology. He will want it to be water resistant to a certain depth for diving and swimming, hand and dial illumination for hiking and camping, and a model that doesn’t wear easily. He is going to be hard on this watch; therefore, a fabric strap with Velcro will make it easy to get on and off, or a black rubber strap will also offer lasting wear.

A guy who likes vintage items may be looking for a watch that appears to be a collector’s piece. At the same time, it will include a fun, colorful strap that will match his unique personality. A wrist accessory for him could be men’s watches that have a large, black face analog clock that may even match his stylish glasses. Another watch that would suit him would be a digital clock with a square bezel, rubber strap and LED light, which would be appreciated as a ninety’s through back.

The stylish man wants a watch that is on trend in classic colors to match his polo and casual dress shirts. He could go for a watch with large, analog numbers with a blue and red striped fabric band; or go for the classic large bezel, analog with no numbers and a dark brown crocodile pattern strap. The key is to find a watch for him that matches the comfortable, clean look he enjoys.

The techno geek (aka my hubbie!) is looking for all the fixings with as many cool features as possible. He may want a watch that is analog with features that break time down into seconds, minutes and days of the week. He will want a watch that is water and scratch resistant, as well as illumination of hands and markers for easy reading. A bonus would be one that includes a compass. The style of watch that would be appropriate for his personality is one that is stainless steel with a black leather strap (well that’s Christmas sorted just do not tell him!).

The refined gentleman will seek a watch that is high in quality and is willing to pay for luxury. He wants it to look good with a formal business suit and one that will dress up a casual look. He would be looking for a stainless steel bezel and strap that is analogue without numbers. He is looking for a dressy yet restrained design as a watch assessor for him to match his gentlemanly disposition. This type of watch will give him the feeling of sophistication he desires.

The key is to know his personality and style, and match a watch that will suit his individual taste and needs. Every man is different and there are a variety of styles of men’s watches to choose from. Plus, you know he’ll always be on time.

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