Where to next?

After a holiday I always feel I need another one to get over
the first! All the travelling and then
a change from routine means I need some more relaxation to recover. So with all our holidays for the year done
its time to think about where we can head off to next year. The boys coped okay on their first flights,
they enjoyed landing and taking off especially with much giggles of delight over a bumping finish, but the queuing involved getting
through security and baggage checks left me a little drained. So 2014 might see the return of a few more British holidays, we have done some of the obvious choices so I think its time
to see what else is on offer.

As I have mentioned before holidays are a vice of mine, I
get restless feet to go off exploring if we stay here too long. But it’s a bind having to pack everything
for holidays it would be nice to have a holiday base, stocked with family
essentials so you could have an easier job of packing and unpacking!

With that in mind I wonder one day if we could save up and
eventually buy our own holiday home, just the occasional change of scenery
might be enough to stop my wondering feet. 
It would probably work out cheaper in the long run and it would be nice
to give the boys a regular base for their routine rather than dragging them
here, there and everywhere across the country!

With everyone at Park Leisure owning the homes it must
be a nice community, as everyone will keep coming back and want the park to be
kept at its best. I bet it would have a
nice cooperative spirit. The parks are
in lovely scenic spots, so decision time would be deciding which park to settle
on or perhaps I could convince family to buy another in a different area. Well back to dreaming or coming up with a master plan to save the pennies! Until then I will enjoy looking over my holiday pictures…

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