Almost all done bar the wrapping

would not say I am a toy expert by any stretch but having a blog I am aware of
the toys billed to be the biggies for Christmas. I have a few presents squirreled away for the special day but
thankfully my boys have not grumbled for expensive items like iPads, I dread to
think how much two of those would set us back! 
We could probably have a holiday for less…

always buy a mixture of presents to include a few educational elements, books
and board games to feel like I am contributing to their schooling in some small
way! Especially with the majority of
the presents they have on their lists for Santa involving screen time in one
form or another. I always feel guilty
as a parent if they spend too much time playing computer games.

I struggle with the most are the stocking fillers, I find them really hard to
buy! Who would think stuffing a little
stocking is more problematic than picking all the other big presents. Other than sweets I draw a little bit of a
blank and I do want the stocking to be exciting seeing as it’s the first part
of the Christmas morning routine. I do
not want a lacklustre reaction to the contents in there but at the same time I
do not want to spend a fortune either!

love Hawkins Bazaar and whenever we head
to Chester I make a beeline for the store, everything always looks so
appealing! You end up buying things you
least expect and there are some fabulous stocking fillers, quite original and
even funny things to add! I would love
to see their faces tucking into the I’m a Celebrity Which Witchetty Grubs,
haha! No I am not that mean, but one
hubbie could use as a Secret Santa for work anyway!

if your also lacking inspiration do check out their stocking fillers, one I
definitely won’t be adding is the Dawn of the Bunny Suicides seeing as eldest
still loves his blankie bunny soft toy, he might have a mini meltdown seeing
that! The Baa Humbug pooping sheep
dispenser on the other hand would be met with heaps of giggles.

Phew this year I might have the stockings
under control without having to re-mortgage the house, one year it was stuffed
with DVD’s and computer games and I swear the stocking cost more than half of
their actual presents…

The dinosaur magic eggs are only 75p reduced

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