Always in a rush

When I want something doing, I want it done last week; I
am not renowned for huge reserves of patience. 
I like to snowball things, get them done and dusted and then move my
focus on to the next project!

We have given up the house hunt and plan to re-mortgage
instead. So with that I need to track
down a solicitor that can move fast, I do not want to call and coax them lots
to produce the necessary paperwork, I want a solicitor that can speedily sort
out our legal work. Local firms are
lovely and very amenable but I want a firm renowned for moving fast. Otherwise I would just be a pain badgering
them for updates and getting hubbie to ring them to nudge them along. Generally making a nuisance of myself quite

am dreaming of the new work in the house, it’s a very modest house at the
moment, but the plans will elevate its status somewhat. It will never be grand but it might at least
be more accommodating. Sintons Law
look like a suitable place to usher things along, like most parents I am always
juggling a million different tasks and letting the solicitors just get on
with their work, without chasing will mean I have more time to do what I need
too! Like catch up with a million outstanding
reviews… eeeek!

it’s just the small matter of getting quotes, picking a builder and living in
the resultant chaos whilst the work goes on! 
Hmmm maybe I need to write a list, I love writing lists. They always seem to make everything look more
manageable and achievable. Although
after watching a few episodes of the TV show Cowboy Builders I am
understandably a little apprehensive…

Hmmm sorry I had a more mature builder in mind!

though I have been researching tips
to avoid dodgy builders so that combined with an efficient solicitor I
should be all sorted!!! Wish me luck.

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