Atrium Canvas Review

We have been sent a fair few canvas to review here since I
started blogging, but I do genuinely love my new addition from Atrium Canvas, the canvas itself
spells out “LOVE” and it was nice having a canvas devoted to pictures of hubbie
and I for a change. It is a lovely
addition for our bedroom and a reminder of the special moments in our
relationship. Life now is very child
centred naturally, the two boys consume most of our time and attention, and a
canvas like this is a token reminder of what we treasured pre-kids!

shape of the collage canvas is quite stylish and you can have other words not just
love. There is MUM, DAD, FRIENDS and
FAMILY, so everyone you cherish the most can be remembered and captured
wonderfully within the text words. 
There is even a dog paw print so if you’re fond of your pets you can
have a lovely selection of your dog pictures within this. I am not quite sure about the teddy bear one
myself but am sure it would appeal to someone, the selection here is so varied
it’s a good start to finding your ideal canvas shape.

when I was ordering the canvas it did show me how few pictures hubbie and I
have of us together, I would say 99.9% of the photographs we own are of my two
little monkeys. I think I will try and
take a few more of hubbie and I from now on. 
It was easy enough to complete my order, the site was quite user
friendly. I thought it would be hard
filling the letters but you can make the most of even the smallest gaps by
using the mouse wheel to zoom into the picture you want to use. Then you can always showcase the best bit of
the picture, in our case our hands entwined with our wedding rings or a close
up of our faces rather than a tiny face and lots of background.

thought it was a good idea having the matt varnish finish included for an extra
£1.50, which protects the canvas against fading. I had not even considered this before, but if your investing in a
canvas to remind you of all your fabulous memories the last thing you want is
for the colours to fade after a while. 
I have not noticed this option before with a canvas company but I was
glad to add it to my order and would be looking at doing the same in future.

canvas cost £34.99 and is a welcome decoration on the wall. Next time hubbie and I are grumbling at each
other I will just take a moment to look at the canvas and remind myself why I
love him so very much, so £34.99 for marital bliss is a small price to pay!!!

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